Quotes of the day

«The prosecutor uttered the party line that would distinguish revue from burlesque for the next thirty years. "The difference is movement. On Broadway, unadorned female figures are used to artistic advantage in tableaux. They do not move.»

Dita Von Teese

«When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls.»


«What I have written is but a fleeting intimation of the outside of what one man sees and may tell about the path he walks. No one shares the secret of a life; no one enters into the heart of the mystery.»

Howard Thurman

«It may be escapist, but if I have a choice between watching the news or reading a book which gets me to see the world through different eyes, I will always choose the latter!»

Christina Westover

«My son, you've seen the temporary fire»

Dante Alighieri

«They can't expect anyone to actually pay for a shirt that says, 'I (picture of an elephant) the San Diego Zoo.' What does that even mean?»

Adam Rex

«There is only now. And look! How rich we are in it.»

Vanna Bonta

«Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.»

Francis Bacon

«When I was at school one would have said, 'I swear by the Bible.' But Bibles were not encouraged at Experiment House.»

C.S. Lewis

«A society, on occasion, can be the worst possible describer of mental health.»

Kurt Vonnegut

«Hope and reality lie in inverse proportions, inside the walls of a hospital... Doubt is like dye. Once is spreads into the fabric of excuses you've woven, you'll never get rid of the stain.»

Jodi Picoult

«We learn and experience ourselves only through suffering; everything else is humbug.»

Kristian Goldmund Aumann

«When children are very young, they have natural curiosities about the world and explore them, trying diligently to figure out what is real. As they become "producers " they fall away from exploration and start fishing for the right answers with little thought. They believe they must always be right, so they quickly forget mistakes and how these mistakes were made. They believe that the only good response from the teacher is "yes," and that a "no" is defeat.»

John Holt

«You don't need to change everything in your life instantly. All you need is one positive thought.»

Bryant McGill

«I only read books I know I will like»

Vicky Unwin

«Diplomacy without arms is like a concert without a score»

Frederick the Great

«Weirdly, all the wood, dark walls, moody lighting, and oxblood leather makes the room kind of soft and romantic … I know it’s anything but; this is Christian’s version of soft and romantic.»

E.L. James

«Doubt is the ally of hope, not its enemy, and together they made all the blessing he had.»

Barry Unsworth

«Waking up each day, is like you are in the Basketball Court dribbling the ball, its up to you.. If you wan't to pass the ball or passed through the wall.»


«You make the rest of the beautiful things in the world cry for even trying at all. You make it hard for me to breathe.»

Debra Anastasia

«The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise.»

Abraham Hicks

«...poetry is paying attention to life when all the world seems asleep to its beauties and truths...»

John Geddes

«You were born into this life equipped to succeed. You are a part of God’s perfect plan. Yes, you. The plan would not be perfect if you were missing. Think about that. You matter more than you know.»

Toni Sorenson

«When I write, it's everything that we don't know we can be that is written out of me, without exclusions, without stipulation, and everything we will be calls us to the unflagging, intoxicating, unappeasable search for love. In one another we will never be lacking.»

Hélène Cixous

«For all his gentleness and humility unto death on the Cross, God does not relinquish his attribute of being judge and consuming fire. Nothing is more majestic than his Passion; even his anxiety is sublime. And God never denies his attributes to those who are his light in the world. They shine like stars in the cosmos, and even their anxiety, if God allows it, bears the marks of their divine destiny.»

Hans Urs von Balthasar

«Looking at the children, she knew that any hope for a new life would have to grow within her. She glanced at Nate, wondering if he felt as she did, that children were the only consolation in this world, the only recompense for so much suffering.»

Laura Brodie

«Black holes collect problems faster than they collect matter.»

Carl Sagan

«Enduring pain is like causing pain.»

Beth Fantaskey

«Failures are the stairs we climb to reach success.»

Roy Bennett

«Your ultimate goal for marriage is that both of you—as husband and wife—commit to keep growing spiritually.»

Elizabeth George