Quotes of the day

«If a man is powerful, then his rival must therefore also be powerful. The other’s prestige enhances your own. So choose your enemies wisely. My enemy is so great he won’t be born like a normal man. Oh, not Immaculate Conception like my God, but he is my Clone.»

Jarod Kintz

«You don't spread democracy with a barrel of a gun.»

Helen Thomas

«Wanna be always Happy? Always carry some chocolate with you ;)»


«Life is always like driving a car,you can either go forward or backwards.You can never go sideways.The better option,a better life.»


«History has taught us that often lies serve her better than the truth, for man is sluggish and has to be led through the desert for forty years before each step in his development. And he has to be driven through the desert with threats and promises, by imaginary terrors and imaginary consolations, so that he should not sit down prematurely to rest and divert himself by worshipping golden calves.»

Arthur Koestler

«Efficiency was a higher priority than imagination.»

Adam Christopher

«As for those who spite you, and seemingly just because, it's only evident that they're learning from you. Maybe you taste bad - kind of like medicine, kind of like truth - and to them, you're thought unsafe. There is flattery in being chewed out and spit up. Humans have always had a hard time digesting foreign things.»

Criss Jami

«Excerpt from page 3 of "Wicked Washington"»

Sonja D. Jones

«If you think rightly, every problem is financial problem or eventually becomes one.»

Amit Kalantri

«They were the best sort of friends. The sort everyone hopes for but no one deserves, least of all me.»

Patrick Rothfuss

«If you write it down, you can make it happen.»

Staness Jonekos

«Try not to be the kind of friend who only shows up when things are going well in other people's lives»

Edmond Mbiaka

«Some of most valuable gifts come wrapped in the ugliest paper.»

Navonne Johns

«To turn your dreams into reality, all your resources, efforts and concentration should be aligned in the same direction.»


«Be a person that others will look for your posts daily because they know you will encourage them. Be the positive one and help others to have a great day and you will find that not only they like you but you will like you too.»

John Patrick Hickey

«I'd rather have a book, but in a pinch I'll settle for a set of Water Pik instructions.»

Anne Fadiman


Kamil Ali

«Could it be that simple? Tell one story to one generation and repeat it until it was accepted as fact?»

Kiera Cass

«Earth is a school of darkness and your purpose is to educate yourself of your light.»

Nikki Rowe

«We can learn to act and think in ways that sow seeds of our future well-being, gradually becoming more aware of what causes happiness as well as what causes distress.»

Pema Chödrön

«The idea of some kind of objectively constant, universal literary value is seductive. It feels real. It feels like a stone cold fact that In Search of Lost Time, by Marcel Proust, is better than A Shore Thing, by Snooki. And it may be; Snooki definitely has more one-star reviews on Amazon. But if literary value is real, no one seems to be able to locate it or define it very well. We’re increasingly adrift in a grey void of aesthetic relativism.»

Lev Grossman

«There is no team without the individual members; an individual can never be a team.»

Michael Joling

«Leigh did what any sane female faced with such an e-mail would do: deleted it to resist the temptation of replying, cleared her trash to resist the temptation of recalling it, and then called tech support to restore all her recently deleted e-mails. (Chasing Harry Winston)»

Lauren Weisberger

«Yeah,” said Harry. “No more pretending we care what happens when Jupiter and Uranus get too friendly . . .”»

J.K. Rowling

«She touched something deep in his soul. He didn't believe in love at first sight, but the thought of hurting her made his chest ache.»

Jodie B. Cooper

«This is perhaps the hardest truth of any to grasp. Do we wake up every morning amazed that we are loved by God?»

David Ford

«Simt tristetea pe care o raspandesc ochii mei mari deschisi in obscuritate. As dormi sa uit, as dormi.»

Jeni Acterian

«When I got married, I could not have chosen a more gorgeous, loving, or perfect woman to crush than the one I broke up with to be with my wife.»

Jarod Kintz

«When you love someone, you say their name different. Like it's safe inside your mouth.»

Jodi Picoult

«Security is a strange thing, a myth that the brain allows in exchange for a brief moment of peace.»

Alessandra Torre