Quotes of the day

«This seems to have been St. Augustine's very notion of "memory," not just nostalgia for some past moment, but connecting past, present, and future in one complete contemplative knowing.»

Richard Rohr

«Life is not perfect»

Rida Altaf

«I don't want anyone to look to me, not for protection, not for happiness, not for love, not for anything.»

P.D. James

«Yet Katie held fast to the dream that perhaps there were men in the world who appreciated good women - men capable of loving a woman enough to die for her.»

Marcia Lynn McClure

«Forgiveness comes later in life, after you've created enough disasters of your own.»

Mat Johnson

«You just...you don't take crap from anyone. But not in the fake, rebellious way that most kids do it, like they got something to prove. You're real, and people respect you a lot for that.»

Christina Daley

«Life should be a risk. It's more than a straight line that you can see clearly from one point to the other. It dips and curves and you never know what's around the bend sometimes until you get there. That scares a lot of people. But that's the beauty of it.»

Katie Kacvinsky

«It's hell writing and it's hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.»

Robert Hass

«I don’t know what I’ll do until I know what you’ll do. I’m proactive with my preemptive reactive strategy.

Jarod Kintz

«For while directly we say that it [the length of human life] is ages long, we are reminded that it is briefer than the fall of a rose leaf to the ground.»

Virginia Woolf

«People who change history and their generation are willing to endure and overcome ridicule, rejection, character assassination and being talked about. Don't settle for mediocre.»

Buky Ojelabi

«Actually, this is a poem my father once showed me, a long time ago. It has been bastardized many times, in many ways, but this is the original:»

James Patrick Kinney

«The self-judging person will always judge others. The rubric we develop for ourselves, the measuring stick we put against our own mind and body, generalizes to every other human being.»

Vironika Tugaleva

«Attention deficit is no longer the supposed domain of Generation Y’s who were brought up on a diet of social media and new technology. A recent study revealed 65 percent of 55-64 year olds surf, text and watch television simultaneously.»

Kevin Kelly DO the pursuit of xceptional execution

«Crossing the starting line may be an act of courage, but crossing the finish line is an act of faith. Faith is what kepes us going when nothing else will. Faith is the emotion that will give you victory over your past, the demons in your soul, & all of those voices that tell you what you can & cannot do & can & cannot be.»

John Bingham

«I'll look to the cross»


«Don't accommodate complains in your chamber, else you have a sleepless and restless night. Keep them away and fall in love with actions for solution!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«That quotation about not having time to stand and stare has never applied to me. I seem to have spent a good part of my life - probably too much - in just standing and staring and I was at it again this morning.»

James Herriot

«Depression on my left, Loneliness on my right. They don't need to show me thier badges. I know these guys very well.»

Elizabeth Gilbert

«There are several paths to success; We are given multiple opportunities to achieve our potential throughout our lives. Some get there a little faster than others. But one thing is for sure; NO ONE gets there without first having a goal then taking action and LOTS of it!»

Rachael Bermingham

«If you ever seem to be sliding back into the very thing you’ve already been set free of, don’t even waste time getting discouraged. Often what seems like the same old thing coming back again may be a new layer surfacing that needs to come off. You’re not going backwards—you are going deeper.»

Stormie Omartian

«It is not the rich man you should properly call happy,»


«Peace and love to all.»

Meagan Earls

«Never Let anyone tell you that you can't; show them that you can.»

Gloria Mallette

«Iat-o eterna: Femeia era intradevar pentru el copilul de douasprezece ori mai imour de care vorbeste poetul (...) fiinta slaba, periculoasa, in chip misterios tulburatoare..." Abatele Marignan - O viata»

Guy de Maupassant

«Don’t bother trying to explain your emotions. Live everything as intensely as you can and keep whatever you felt as a gift from God. The best way to destroy the bridge between the visible and invisible is by trying to explain your emotions.»

Paulo Coelho

«Money, like a person whose first name is Money, shouldn’t be what you spend your time fantasizing about. And the same goes for goats too, you pervert.»

Jarod Kintz

«Dunia ini masih senantiasa teramat sopan. Tidak mau melihat kenyataan yang telanjang bulat. Memalingkan muka dengan penuh rasa jijik dari kenyataan, perempuan telanjang itu.»

Sulastin Sutrisno

«Unless I speak, you won't see me.»

Marty Rubin

«We must forget in order to remain present, forget in order not to die, forget in order to remain faithful.»

Marc Augé