Quotes of the day

«No person wakes up and finds themselves on the world stage. When that happens, it is in the movies.»

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

«Real limitations can be reasonably challenged and expanded, but a hobbled mind is not going anywhere.»

Bryant McGill

«I remember the thrill that was mine when, in one of my first meetings, I led my first soul to Christ in America. And he was one of my own countrymen.»

Mitsuo Fuchida

«I do have faith in humanity but I don’t have faith in humans.»

M.F. Moonzajer

«My breath catches, responding to an unfamiliar pull in my chest, an ache in my soul. I shouldn’t miss him, but I do; this boy who had every right to pull that trigger, and instead threw himself between me and death. This boy, the only one who believes I’m not what they say I am what I believed I was; a soldier without a soul, a girl with no heart to break. He’s the only one who’s proved me wrong.”—Jubilee Chase»

Amie Kaufman

«She who reconciles the ill-matched threads»

Rainer Maria Rilke

«Reality is reality when it exists inside and outside the mind.»

Joey Lawsin

«A novel is like a dream in which everyone is you. They’re all parts of yourself.»

Janet Fitch

«Everyone is poor in one way or another, so there is no need to worry of where you belong, we are all rich and poor at the same time.»

Auliq Ice

«If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.»

Shannon L. Alder

«Mind chatter: a clatter of left-brain rains of doubt, worry, guilt, shame in a thunderstorm of fear. Forgive the chatter, clear your mind.»

Soul Dancer

«A sense of the divine presence and indwelling bears the soul towards heaven as upon the wings of eagles.»

Charles H. Spurgeon

«God gave man the strength to conquer the world, but God gave woman a vagina to conquer man»

Treasure Blue

«There is nothing inhuman, evil, or irrational which does not give some comfort, provided it is shared by a group.»

Erich Fromm

«A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it.»

William Feather

«I crave the sweet surrender of sleep and my dreams' uncensored communication: no tiresome small talk, sucking up to impress, or tiptoeing around charged topics. Dreams are the naked truth; get ready for it.»

Judith Orloff

«Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.»

C. Wright Mills

«We can’t be trapped by fear. Lives lived within such walls are just slower deaths.»

Mark Lawrence

«Sebuah kerinduan terdalam ada dalam keheningan.. menatap dalam kesenyapan.. dan menunggu datangnya suara dari hati»


«Organizations like the UN do a lot of good, but there are certain basic realities they never seem to grasp ...Maybe the most important truth that eludes these organizations is that it's insulting when outsiders come in and tell a traumatized people what it will take for them to heal.»

Leymah Gbowee

«Happiness does not mean the absence of problems, but the existence of passion.»

Sameh Elsayed

«A dead thing goes with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.»

G.K. Chesterton

«Which way did they go, Peeves?" Filch was saying. "Quick, tell me."»

J.K. Rowling

«She talked about wanting to be a part of something, wanting to be desired, to be 'special', craving to be loved. She talked about experiencing the kind of loneliness so immense it could swallow you up. She called it 'loneliness that crowds couldn't cure'.»

Cupcake Brown

«In simplicity there is truth.»

River Phoenix

«The beagles are partying under Geiger’s desk.»

Carla H. Krueger

«I talked to him on Christmas, and again on March 5th. Neither one of us hung up the phone that whole time.»

Jarod Kintz

«A well told story can be magic. Let me show you...»

JoLynne Valerie

«Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.»

Russian proverb

«The little child learns to speak, though it has no learned teachers - because it lives with those who know how to speak.»