«When did a free country start to mean free enterprise? Who sold Democracy out for a golden calf we got to idolize?»

Trevor D. Richardson

«Respect your needs and limitations as you work through your grief and begin to heal»

American Pregnancy Association

«I practice karate moves when I think nobody is watching. It’s all part of being a real American badass, I guess. Chicks dig it. I mean they would, if they ever looked and caught me in a moment of awesomeness.

Jarod Kintz

«This is why we apply the LCD Principle or Lowest Common Democracy. In short, this is social interaction based not on the best possible good, but on the least possible offense. Without saying so, the parties involved have entered into the following arrangement: What is the least we can all agree on and still get along? Of course, you can see this means no one is pleased.»

Geoffrey Wood

«One of the questions I have been asked many times since this story broke is this: Now that the facts are out there, what can we do? My answer, depressing and cynical as it may be, is always the same. Not much. Not now. And certainly not until the American public and its Congressional representatives regain control of the CIA and shred the curtain of secrecy that keeps us from discovering these crimes of state until its too late.»

Gary Webb

«We Americans... like change. It is at once our weakness and our strength.»

W. Somerset Maugham

«In my time first cousins did not meet like strangers. But we are learning modesty from the Americans, and old English ways are too gross for us.»

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

«...that in spite of living in a mansion an American is not above wearing a pair of secondhand pants, bought for fifty cents.»

Jhumpa Lahiri

«Too bad Americans can’t export Awesome, because I have boxes and boxes of the stuff just lying around in my attic.»

Jarod Kintz

«The joke was that President Bush only declared war when Starbucks was hit. You can mess with the U.N. all you want, but when you start interfering with the right to get caffeinated, someone has to pay.»

Chris Kyle

«The scientist is not responsible for the laws of nature. It is his job to find out how these laws operate. It is the scientist’s job to find the ways in which these laws can serve the human will. However, it is not the scientist’s job to determine whether a hydrogen bomb should be constructed, whether it should be used, or how it should be used. This responsibility rests with the American people and with their chosen representatives.»

Edward Teller

«The Americans want a surplus stocked up to supply their every whim. And their appeals are much less requests, more demands. Indeed, the phrase might be more aptly put: Demand and Surplus.»

Geoffrey Wood

«My ideal man is Benjamin Franklin—the figure in American history most worthy of emulation ... Franklin is my ideal of a whole man. ... Where are the life-size—or even pint-size—Benjamin Franklins of today?»

Isidor Isaac Rabi

«...[G]reat progress was evident in the last Congress of the American 'Labour Union' in that among other things, it treated working women with complete equality. While in this respect the English, and still more the gallant French, are burdened with a spirit of narrow-mindedness. Anybody who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without the feminine ferment. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex (the ugly ones included).»

Karl Marx

«If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on its tombstone: Died of a theory.»

Jefferson Davis

«The Americans’ great wealth (and their great love for it) makes it precisely the appropriate metaphor. Supply and Demand as a principle has permeated their minds. As a practice, it stains all the way down to their souls.»

Geoffrey Wood

«The fact that no limits exist to the destructiveness of this weapon [the 'Super', i.e. the hydrogen bomb] makes its very existence and the knowledge of its construction a danger to humanity as a whole. It is necessarily an evil thing considered in any light. For these reasons, we believe it important for the President of the United States to tell the American public and the world what we think is wrong on fundamental ethical principles to initiate the development of such a weapon.»

Enrico Fermi

«When the average American says, “I’m starving,” it is a prelude to a midnight raid on a well-stocked refrigerator or a sudden trip to the nearest fast food restaurant.»

Carolyn Custis James

«You are a stupid fucking woman, Emily Colt. Just like all your kind.»

Allie Burke

«The truth is, immigrants tend to be more American than people born here.»

Chuck Palahniuk

«The Italians say ciao. The Chinese say Chow. And the Americans chow while they say stuff.

Jarod Kintz

«Even in Europe a change has sensibly taken place in the mind of man. Science has liberated the ideas of those who read and reflect, and the American example has kindled feelings of right in the people.»

Thomas Jefferson

«In the present case it is a little inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible to any public office of trust or profit in the Republic. But I do not repine, for I am a subject of it only by force of arms.»

H.L. Mencken

«Shanta now addressed Jeebleh: "Did you know that in everyday Somali the term 'amerikaan' means 'weird'? Why do you think that is so?"»

Nuruddin Farah

«The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.»

Jefferson Davis

«Despite a few exceptions, I have found that Americans are now far more willing to learn new names, just as they're far more willing to try new ethnic foods... It's like adding a few new spices to the kitchen pantry.»

Firoozeh Dumas

«America is now wholly given over to a damned mob of scribbling women, and I should have no chance of success while the public taste is occupied with their trash--and should be ashamed of myself if I did succeed. What is the mystery of these innumberable editions of The Lamplighter (by Maria Susanna Cummins), and other books neither better nor worse? Worse they could not be, and better they need not be, when they sell by the hundred thousand.»

Nathaniel Hawthorne

«While I've never read Scientific American, I'll bet it is pretty scientific. And American. Just like those prehistoric cave drawings in the south of France.»

Jarod Kintz

«All children should be taught to unconditionally accept, approve, admire, appreciate, forgive, trust, and ultimately, love their own person.»

Asa Don Brown

«Do you know what Ed Gein said about women?"»

Bret Easton Ellis