«Haven't you ever heard that modesty is an attractive trait?"»

Cassandra Clare

«The word of God gives us timeless hope.»

Lailah Gifty Akita

«Love is a clash of lightnings»

Pablo Neruda

«I fell in love with a beautiful girl, got her pregnant, and then I got married. I wonder whatever happened to that beautiful girl I got pregnant.»

Jarod Kintz

«Have all beautiful things sad destinies?»

Jean Rhys

«There is nothing more attractive than a great positive personality. Its beauty never fades away with time.»

Edmond Mbiaka

«I am not a finished poem, and I am not the song you’ve turned me into. I am a detached human being, making my way in a world that is constantly trying to push me aside, and you who send me letters and emails and beautiful gifts wouldn’t even recognise me if you saw me walking down the street where I live tomorrow»

Charlotte Eriksson

«When there is a crack in trust in a relationship, then the bond of the union is at risk»

izuakor ikechukwu

«The air is full of flying kisses sent by the people who are watching you.»

Amit Kalantri

«Here, illuminated at last,»

Scott Hastie

«Aren't 3,000 lives worth a miracle to a good and all-powerful god?»

Zack Love

«You're like a song that I heard when I was a little kid but forgot I knew until I heard it again.»

Maggie Stiefvater

«A good enemy can be better than the best of friend.»

Simona Panova

«I don’t want my love with her to wither like grapes on a vine, so I’ll water it with romance to turn it into wine.»

Jarod Kintz

«His lips soften into a smile that cracks apart my spine. He repeats my name like the word amuses him. Entertains him. Delights him.»

Tahereh Mafi

«When we feel, a kind of lyric is sung in our heart.»

Toba Beta

«She’s young and beautiful, which is twice as good as old and ugly. Some people are both, and some people are both.»

Jarod Kintz

«There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.»

Steve Maraboli

«Let those who wish have their respectability- I wanted freedom, freedom to indulge in whatever caprice struck my fancy, freedom to search in the farthermost corners of the earth for the beautiful, the joyous, and the romantic.»

Richard Halliburton

«The Beautiful is always strange.»

Charles Baudelaire

«As the first hard drops of rain fell, the Witch caught sight, not of the girl's face, but of the shoes. Her sister's shoes. They sparkled even in the darkening afternoon. They sparkled like yellow diamonds, and embers of blood, and thorny stars.»

Gregory Maguire

«It's excellence in leadership when everyone wants to manufacture a black shoe and you manufacture a designer black shoe with gold medal on top. Do something new; do something better!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Like how stars might sound. Or moons But not mountains. Too floaty for mountains. It's a sound like one planet singing to another, high stretched and full of different voices starting at different notes and sloping down to other different notes but all weaving together in a rope of sound that's sad but not sad and slow but not slow and all singing one word.»

Patrick Ness

«People took such awful chances with chemicals and their bodies because they wanted the quality of their lives to improve. They lived in ugly places where there were only ugly things to do. They didn't own doodley-squat, so they couldn't improve their surroundings. so they did their best to make their insides beautiful instead.»

Kurt Vonnegut

«Don't think that what you say fleetingly to one man be harmless. Your fleeting words can travel so fast and so lightly that soon enough they will end up hitting someone so hard that they cannot get up again! It takes someone tough to receive so many blows, we should respect and honour those who fight away the words just as much as those who fight away the blows!»

Isabella Poretsis

«You’re so unfair, Michiru…To leave into your own world…Don’t leave me alone…-Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus»

Naoko Takeuchi

«A woman is a loving mother, a gorgeous daughter, and beautiful angel of imagination.»

Debasish Mridha

«violent storms. and beautiful smiles. both have electricity. both are equally destructive in nature.»

Sanober Khan

«I had a dream about you. You’d never been in an elevator before, and I’d never been in love. I said I could help you, and you said you could help me. I got excited because you were so beautiful, but I was quickly let down when you introduced me to your friend, who looked like a horse and sang like Miley Cyrus.»

Jarod Kintz

«Beauty exists, even in unlikely places. The key isn't to open your eyes but to open your heart.»

Richelle E. Goodrich