«People who are unwilling to talk about deep personal issues do not trust their own emotions.»

David W. Earle

«Smartass Disciple: Master, I’m going to change the whole world.»

Toba Beta

«In my world," said Posy, "authors write stories, and the characters do whatever the author tells them. It's not like this--the characters don't have minds and lives of their own."»

Ashlee Willis

«. Being able to say, “No,” is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.»

David W. Earle

«What’s the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we’re willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true?»

F. Sherwood Rowland

«The average mind requires a change of environment before he can change his thought. He has to go somewhere or bring into his presence something that will suggest a new line of thinking and feeling. The master mind, however, can change his thought whenever he so desires. A change of scene is not necessary, because such a mind is not controlled from without. A change of scene will not produce a change of thought in the master mind unless he so elects.»

Christian D. Larson

«Time always change what worked for you today will not work for you tomorrow.»

Kishore Bansal

«Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.»

Marshall McLuhan

«Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.»

Ann Voskamp

«Progress means to be true to the world, If we need to make a change.»

Auliq Ice

«To change one’s life:»

William James

«Deep and sustainable change...requires changes in behavior among those who do not welcome the change.»

Douglas B. Reeves

«Every hundred feet the world changes»

Roberto Bolaño

«Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.»

Steve Maraboli

«And we are made different. On the instant. What we know, what we were, is banished by that instant, razed like a castle under siege, and nothing is recognizable is left. The world is unmade.»

Jennifer Roberson

«In such a society as ours the only possible chance for change, for mobility, for political, economic, and moral flow lies in the tactics of guerrilla warfare, in the use of fictions, of language.»

Kathy Acker

«I tell you this because books for young readers are so often written about that very moment: the moment of the fork. The moment the old man cannot return to.»

Virginia Euwer Wolff

«then suddenly one day he awake to find that time had gone; the house completed, the imortelle tree cut down, his mother dead.»

Earl Lovelace

«I suppose at heart it was the haircut that did it; that exploded the ordinary order of things and showed me the possibilities that had been there all along, hidden among the patterns in the wallpaper. In a different age, we used to take acid for more or less the same reason.»

Michael Cunningham

«If we can't alter the tide of events, at least we can be nearby with towels to mop up.»

Peter David

«When a person finds life hard, he needs motivation and inspiration; but if he finds life’s journey easy, then he needs meditation and introspection to know the true quality of his life.»

Anuj Somany

«Speed to fail should be every entrepreneur's motto. When you finally find the one idea that can't be killed, go with it.»

Jay Samit

«She wanted none of those days to end, and it was always with disappointment that she watched the darkness stride forward.»

Markus Zusak

«All are failures makes us change our lives, but changes our will always be in our memories.»

Jim Jensen

«The 10 ever greatest misplacements in life:»

Israelmore Ayivor

«I want something that is nothing like the past.»

Brooke Bida

«Qui croit»

Muriel Barbery

«It's impossible to be involved in all situations, but there's no excuse not to be involved in something, somewhere, somehow, with someone. Make an ounce of difference.»

Richelle E. Goodrich

«We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.»

M Dupree

«Don't confuse poor decision-making with destiny. Own your mistakes. It’s ok; we all make them. Learn from them so they can empower you!»

Steve Maraboli