«The trouble with Communism is the Communists, just as the trouble with Christianity is the Christians.»

H.L. Mencken

«Fervent Christians are always remembering themselves as - and thus, by extension, judging everyone else outside their sect to be - lost and hopeless and just barely clinging to any kind of interior sense of value or reason or even to go on living, before they were 'saved.»

David Foster Wallace

«To know the truth, is to know the realm of God's Image-Nation»

Carl Painter

«When people call for “deeds, not creeds,” asking, “What Would Jesus Do?” without much interest in the query, “What has Jesus done?” identifying themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” they are asking for the law without the gospel.»

Michael S. Horton

«There is an irony in how Christians talk about and understand sexuality. Christians often lament the world's reductionism of sex to genital interaction and raw physical pleasures, but then they typically reduce a gay person's sexuality to just that.»

Wendy Vanderwal-Gritter

«Here I stand, so help me God, I can do no other. With the greater consciousness of the issues involved comes a lesser assurance that an alternative is possible.»

Gordon H. Clark

«You can never please everybody, don't even try.»

Stella Oladiran

«Grace not only embraces you at your most shameful, it's the most effective antidote to sin.»

Anna Broadway

«A Christian jerk is still a jerk.»

Kevin Roose

«No one should be surprised at the difficulty of faith, if there is some part of his life where he is consciously resisting or disobeying the commandment of Jesus. Is there some part of your life which you are refusing to surrender at his behest, some sinful passion, maybe, or some animosity, some hope, perhaps your ambition or your reason? ... How can you hope to enter into communion with him when at some point in your life you are running away from him?»

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

«The gift of the Sabbath must be treasured.»

Lailah Gifty Akita

«The Bible is the one book we’ve most succeeded in having them never read as a book. Keep it that way.»

Geoffrey Wood

«I don't believe in angels and I have trouble with the whole God thing. I don't want to say I don't believe in God but I don't think I do. But I believe in people who do.»

Billy Connolly

«These lecture provide material for the consideration of common factors, in theory and in development, from the viewpoint of the idea of surrender to the Divine Will, reviewing some aspects of the interplay between Christians and Moslems, and introducing material from and about Sufis.»

Idries Shah

«Many people will never read a Bible, but they will read you.»

Ricky Maye

«Jesus did not die to increase our self-esteem. Rather, Jesus died to bring glory to the Father by redeeming people from the curse of sin.»

Edward T. Welch

«Every wedding must be an occasion of joy that human beings can do such great things, that they have been given such immense freedom and power to take the helm in their life’s journey…»

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

«Until you have suffered much in your heart, you cannot learn humility.»

Thaddeus of Vitovnica

«Many questing young people and stressed older people nowadays seek relaxation through meditation. They look for it in Hindu, Buddhist and other Eastern religions. They are often surprised to learn that there is such a way within the Christian tradition, a way that is known as contemplation.»

Ray Simpson

«If Miss Watson had told Huck what the Bible says about living in a resurrected body and being with people we love on a resurrected Earth with gardens and rivers and mountains and untold adventures--now that would have gotten his attention.»

Randy Alcorn

«The word of God gives us timeless hope.»

Lailah Gifty Akita

«God isn't looking for perfect people. He is looking to perfect people.»

John Hileman

«God may sometimes laugh at our plans. But if they are based on a Heavenly and eternal perspective, He will always support us. On His timetable, not ours.»

Paul Turk

«Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.»

H.L. Mencken

«He means to rename us--to return us to our true names, our truest selves. He means to heal our soul holes. From the very beginning, that Eden beginning, that has always been and always is, to this day, His secret purpose--our return to 'our full glory'.»

Ann Voskamp

«Obedience is the virtue that determines whether a person is either a servant or a rebel. Life of integrity is built on obedience of God's statutes and nothing else.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Compared to the unleashed forces of warfare and of faith, Mount Vesuvius was kinder to the legacy of antiquity.»

Stephen Greenblatt

«As obvious as it is, then, Jesus is bigger than any one religion.»

Rob Bell

«I believe God has heard my prayers. He will make it manifest in His own good time that He has heard me. I have recorded my petitions that when God has answered them, His name will be glorified.»

George Müller

«There were two worlds, two lives, for each person: this one--brief, narrow, finite; and the hereafter-- eternal, limitless, infinite. Fame, to mean anything, should go with one into the next world, where one could enjoy it perpetually.»

Courtney Anderson