«There's only so long you can live in a fantasy world before the reality comes along to sharply put you back in your place.»

Giovanna Fletcher

«The moon people do not eat by swallowing food but by smelling it. Their money is poetry - actual poems, written out on pieces of paper whose value is determined by the worth of the poem itself.»

Paul Auster

«Any time there's something so ridiculously dangerous that no rational human being would try it, they send for me.' --Garion»

David Eddings

«I told you; I am Arianna, the Siren, your Guardian, and how is a Guardian supposed to do her job if she is clueless about the Guardianee?»

Erica Sehyun Song

«You’ll be civilized or we’ll leave your arse here.” Johan... "Vital Perception»

D.L. Given

«Acaso por ley natural o regla del destino, todo hecho que adquiere alguna trascendencia tiende a repetirse." (Zettel - Filosofía de los gatos)»

Claudio Garcia Fanlo

«Those secrets residing in their hearts and minds held magnificent Energy. Humans were too inept to see it as anything but evil.»

Auden Johnson

«She was every inch the skeletal goddess that had been promised by the bones of her feet.»

Jefferson Smith

«for he had acquired, as time went on, the firm conviction that any thought, even the most audacious, that any fiction, even the most insane, can one day materialize and see its fulfillment in space and time.»

Stefan Grabiński

«I knew then that I would devote every minute we had left together to making her happy, to repairing the pain I had caused her and returning to her what I never known how to give her. These pages will be our memory until she drows her last breath in my arms and I take her forever and escape at last to a place where neither heaven nor hell will ever be able to find us.»

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

«Oh, how long were the days of a man.»

Robert Jordan

«He is the one pocket of warmth in a sea of ice.»

Susan Ee

«Close your senses and the imagination comes alive. It's inside us al, dulled by endless television reruns and by a society that reins in fantasy as something not to be trusted, something to be purged. But it's in there, deep inside, a spark waiting to set a touch-paper alight.»

Tahir Shah

«You can never trust a Vampire, child.»

S.R. Crawford

«Beware of self-indulgence. The romance surrounding the writing profession carries several myths: that one must suffer in order to be creative; that one must be cantankerous and objectionable in order to be bright; that ego is paramount over skill; that one can rise to a level from which one can tell the reader to go to hell. These myths, if believed, can ruin you.»

David Brin

«Ready?" Aeron called over.»

Dylan Perry

«Oh, Hank," Susan whispered, "their wings are furry."»

Ursula K. Le Guin

«When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it.»

Caitlyn Siehl

«Right,' Thomas said. 'Where are we headed?'»

Jim Butcher

«This war's not over! Not by a long shot! --Enoch»

S.R. Ford

«Some part of me knew from the first that what I wanted was not reality but myth.»

Stephen King

«We simply can’t feel fulfilled by love we pay for.»

Delano Johnson

«Amé a mi mujer... le fui fiel hasta su muerte y le seré fiel hasta la mia.»

Jordi Balaguer

«Without thinking about it at all, Harry stepped in front of Hermione.»

Eliezer Yudkowsky

«It's like the idea of him is better than the»

Lauren Oliver

«Even though I was fairly certain God wasn't Ted Bundy, I kept an open mind, since this phone call was getting a bit confusing.»

Scott Buckel

«Humans have reason to hate us dragons. If one dragon turns against humankind, he is a great and terrible foe.»

Kathryn Fogleman

«At its best, fantasy rewards the reader with a sense of wonder about what lies within the heart of the commonplace world. The greatest tales are told over and over, in many ways, through centuries. Fantasy changes with the changing times, and yet it is still the oldest kind of tale in the world, for it began once upon a time, and we haven't heard the end of it yet.»

Patricia A. McKillip

«We hope you have found challenge in your path this morning.” -- Laniel, Abbot of Bilkar the Furred»

Jordan MacLean

«Life is something that no one can teach you,You have to learn it.»

Jerril Thomas Abraham