«Be the hero of your children’s story. Never let them believe for a minute that honor, courage and doing what is right is only reserved for other fathers and mothers.»

Shannon L. Alder

«I preach that odd defiant melancholy that sees the dreadful loneliness of the human soul and the pitiful disaster of human life as ever redeemable and redeemed by compassion, friendship and love.»

John Derbyshire

«Actually, I think it's the opposite. We know each other so well there isn't anything left to say. Sometimes it's nice just sitting here with you all, thinking. It's only best friends who can be comfortable with silence, wouldn't you say?»

Benjamin Wood

«She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine.»

Shakieb Orgunwall

«He sighed. " I don't think an apology will do, Mercy. Because an apology implies that you wouldn't do it again. And, under the circumstances, you wouldn't do anything differently, would you?"»

Patricia Briggs

«She was my friend and I loved her and relied on her, even though there were days when her moodiness and fragility frightened me, because they reminded me of my own tenuous grasp on life.»

Julie Metz

«Friends tell each other what nobody else is willing to tell you.»

Nikki Sixx

«Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get us through this life--and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.»

Dean Koontz

«People aren't born good or bad. Maybe they're born with tendencies either way, but it's the way you live your life that matters. And the people you know. Valentine was Hodge's friend, and I don't think Hodge really had anyone else in his life to challenge him or make him be a better person. If I'd had that life, I don't know how I would have turned out. But I didn't. I have my family. And I have you.»

Cassandra Clare

«Mine Enemy is growing old --»

Emily Dickinson

«You, of all people, deserve a happy ending. Despite everything that happened to you, you aren't bitter. You aren't cold. You've just retreated a little and been shy, and that's okay. If I were a fairy godmother, I would give you your heart's desire in an istant. And I would wipe away your tears and tell you not to cry.»

Sylvain Reynard

«Love is friendship...just with less clothes, which makes it far more brilliant.»

Elizabeth Hunter

«Life changed you, and the people you thought you could not stand suddenly made sense to you.»

Una McCormack

«Seek success for your existing friends instead of seeking friendship with the successful.»

Faisal Khosa

«Friends aren’t forever. They’re not even for a while. They come into your life»

Krista Ritchie

«Defriending isn’t just unrecognized by some social oversight; it’s protected by its own protocol, a code of silence. Demanding an explanation wouldn’t just be undignified; it would violate the whole tacit contract on which friendship is founded. The same thing that makes friendship so valuable is what makes it so tenuous: it is purely voluntary. You enter into it freely, without the imperatives of biology or the agenda of desire. Officially, you owe each other nothing.»

Tim Kreider

«The captain’s eyes betrayed what his countenance must conceal: the anguish of an ancient being who must honour his birthright by living beyond those whom he would have given much to keep.»

Michelle Franklin

«Dear Uncle Bernard -»

Carlene Bauer

«A simple life freely given in love can transcend the boundaries of place and time, stretching across oceans and extending beyond continents and decades.»

Leslie Parrott

«...Love Christ and put nothing before His Love. He is joy, He is life, He is light. Christ is Everything. He is the ultimate desire, He is everything. Everything beautiful is in Christ.»

Elder Porphyrios

«Em didn't truly understand about my panic attacks - no one did. But she'd never pushed me to explain, never tried to ditch me when things got weird, and never once looked at me like I was a freak.»

Rachel Vincent

«Every good marriage must be a friendship between two people who are willing to sacrifice for the other person.»

Jim George

«There were so many Jacks she had known, and he had known so many Hazels. And maybe she wasn't going to be able to know all the Jacks that there would be. But all the Hazels that ever would be would have Jack in them, somewhere.»

Anne Ursu

«New friends can often have a better time together than old friends.»

F. Scott Fitzgerald

«Niemand is waarlijk mijn vriend, voordat we geleerd hebben in elkanders tegenwoordigheid te zwijgen.»

Maurice Maeterlinck

«Thank goodness, we can choose our friends. We have to take our relatives as they are, and be thankful…»

L.M. Montgomery

«Friendship is a two-way street...if you’re looking around your circle of “friends” and begin to realize that more than 98% of them are really just acquaintances, something has to change.»

Michelle N. Onuorah

«There are things in the world that cannot be brought about. There are mistakes that cannot be repaired. But there is one thing sure -- that loyalty and friendship are the most precious possessions a man can have.»

Herbert Hoover

«True friends don't say mean things to each other, they respect one another.»

Euginia Herlihy

«Konnor wanted to touch and taste him, and take him to the point of ecstasy where he couldn't even remember his own name. And Grayson was more than willing to let him do that.»

Elaine White