«You do so much for me, my friend. I am truly blessed to have the friendship of someone as amazing as you. You are part of my life.»

Auliq Ice

«It was almost comforting, this mutual acceptance of our secrets.»

Kiera Cass

«Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realized that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink:»

J.K. Rowling

«I turned to face Audrey, and everything I loved was right there in her eyes, the memories tangible: the schooldays and sleepovers, the cheap bottles of wine and sappy chick flicks. She was there for my mother’s drunken relapses, there to hold me until I fell asleep the first time the ex from Seattle hit me. It was all there, and my God, each memory was suddenly sacred and the sun rose and set upon it.»

Rachael Wade

«The author perceptively outlines what might be an underrated aspect of his subject and of many others whose public achievements are of note – a "gift for friendship". McCullough says Adams, despite his towering intellect and curmudgeonly demeanor, had a soft heart for other people and a genuine interest in their particulars.»

David McCullough

«The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.»

Henry David Thoreau

«Go on, have a pasty," said Harry, who had never had anything to share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with. It was a nice feeling, sitting there with Ron, eating their way through all Harry's pasties, cakes, and candies (the sandwiches lay forgotten).»

J.K. Rowling

«Love is about forgiveness and acceptance.»

Auliq Ice

«It's the pointless things that give your life meaning. Friendship, Compassion, Art, Love. All of them are pointless. But, they're what keeps life from being meaningless.»

Tim Winton

«Today the grass listens when I speak of love. It seems to me that this word isn't honest even with itself.»

Herta Müller

«Love is like the wild rose-briar; Friendship like the holly-tree. The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, but which will bloom most constantly?»

Emily Brontë


Jim Butcher

«See" Kayla links her arm through mine, leaving Blake to jostle and race the other guys. "I tell them I can handle my own stuff, but it's like a mark of pride or something. I'm surprised Blake doesn't just hoist me over his shoulder and try to carry me, too!"»

Abby McDonald

«But thou art with us, with us in the past,»

William Wordsworth

«Its really hard to recall the day you became friends with special people.»

Michael Bassey Johnson

«By the way, Doctor, I shall want your cooperation.'»

Arthur Conan Doyle

«Westcliff thinks that St. Vincent is in love with you.”»

Lisa Kleypas

«Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.»

Richard Bach

«No," I say. "I didn't know that," and as I say it I feel flooded with bitterness at all the things Ingrid kept secret from me.»

Nina LaCour

«It has often been hard for me to know if people are serious when they talk about making T-shirts. Just to be clear: Nobody ever means it, ever. Making and wearing matching, themed T-shirts is embarrassing. Unless you want to make some with me right now, or something.»

Katie Heaney

«True friendship is when you are able to build walls of protection around your friends by dismissing every back biting towards them.»

Euginia Herlihy

«At times it's like sadness has planted itself on her face, refusing to leave, an overwhelming sadness, and sometimes I see despair there, too.»

Melina Marchetta

«One only understands the things that one tames,” said the fox. “Men have»

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

«Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.»

Mandy Hale

«And I think they knew. Not anything specific really. They just knew. And I think that's all you can ever ask from a friend.»

Stephen Chbosky

«It's like, you can't trust anybody, and if somebody you know doesn't fuck you over it's just because the price of selling you down the river was never high enough.»

Jay McInerney

«To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.»

Criss Jami

«Let us find someone who will never break our heart, who will always be there for us, who will make us happy all the time, who will respect, love and cherish us in everything, and we can't go far in the search because such personality is within us, not in the world we are living now!»

Michael Bassey Johnson

«You send a girl to school in order to make friends - the right sort.»

Virginia Woolf

«A skilled listener can help people tap into their own wisdom.»

Richard Rohr