«Positive thinking relates to an art of reasoning with the quality of hope for a better future either in the face of difficulties or in the presence of abundance of opportunities.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Everybody acts like the future is so far away, when really every moment that passes is the future.»

Noah Hawley

«Three million years! The infinitely crowded panorama of written history, with its empires and its kings, its triumphs and its tragedies, covered barely one thousandth of this appalling span of time.»

Arthur C. Clarke

«The future is up for grabs. It belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the responsibility of consciously creating the future they want.»

Robert Anton Wilson

«The past stands in the path of the future, knowing it will be crushed.»

Alaya Dawn Johnson

«If you perpetuate the dreams of the past, you stifle your own dreams of the future.»

Brandon Sanderson

«Dehumanization isn’t a way of talking. It’s a way of thinking—a way of thinking that, sadly, comes all too easily to us. Dehumanization is a scourge, and has been so for millennia. It acts as a psychological lubricant, dissolving our inhibitions and inflaming our destructive passions. As such, it empowers us to perform acts that would, under other circumstances, be unthinkable.»

David Livingstone Smith

«You were reserved for my future»

Henry James

«The future is uncertain, but that can be a good thing.»

Jennifer Niven

«Push today for what you want tomorrow!»

Lorii Myers

«We have to know the truth about the past to discover out future.»

Patti Callahan Henry

«To be honest, I’ve always made films and I never really stopped, starting with little stop-motion experiments using my dad’s Super 8 camera. In my mind, it’s all one big continuum of filmmaking and I’ve never changed.»

Christopher J. Nolan

«Mucha gente cree que jamás viajeremos al futuro, pero yo creo que lo hacemos cada noche. Duermes y cuando despiertas han pasado cosas increíbles: se han firmado tratados, han cambiado los valores de la bolsa, hay gente que ha roto con su pareja o se ha enamorado en otras partes del planeta, donde la vida sigue...»

Albert Espinosa

«It's strange how people give up on you within weeks of promising that they will always be there..»

Sanhita Baruah

«It's easier to ponder the future than it is to do something about the present.»

Curious George Brigade

«Am I worried about the future? I don't know. When I think of the word it's like seeing a cavity, a space where a tooth used to be.»

Kirsty Eagar

«The most important freedom is the freedom to be all you're destined to be»

Constance Chuks Friday

«And I have fitted up some chambers there»

Percy Bysshe Shelley

«while she wanted to look neither to her past nor her future, she lived exclusively in both. They had took different paths, but they had journeyed, so she realized, together.»

Monica Ali

«Why spend a thought worrying when you can invest the same thought planning a prosperous future?»

Phumi Ngwane

«Someday all the wilds will be razed, and we will be left with a concrete landscape, a land of pretty houses and trim gardens and planned parks and forests, and a world that works as smoothly as a clock, neatly wound: a world of metal and gears, and people going»

Lauren Oliver

«Envy and respect are not the same things...»

Christopher Buehlman

«We can strive to put the past behind us, serve God to the best of our ability now, and look ahead to the glorious future!»

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

«This Voyager spacecraft was constructed by the United States of America. We are a community of 240 million human beings among the more than 4 billion who inhabit the planet Earth. We human beings are still divided into nation states, but these states are rapidly becoming a single global civilization.»

Jimmy Carter

«Don't Stress About the Future. Live Life and Love Now!»

Anthony Avina

«To dream the future is much more better than to regret the past.»

Toba Beta

«The future of the Church is in the hands of wisdom»

Sunday Adelaja

«The past is a distraction, a source of envy, enmity, bitterness. Only the present matters, for only in the present can we shape the future.»

Stephen Baxter

«...Coca-Cola and fries, the wafer and wine of the Western religion of commerce.»

Tad Williams

«I'm not sure this will make sense to you but I felt as though I'd turned around to look in a different direction so that I no longer faced backward toward the past but forward toward the future. And now the question confronting me was this: What would the future be»

Arthur Golden