«You know your heart and soul are stapled to that manuscript, but what we see are the words on the paper»

Teresa Nielsen Haydense

«The path is long, narrow and treacherous, but if we keep our Heart and Soul in balance, the way is sure.»

Tom Hackett

«A pure heart does not demean the spirit of an individual, it, instead, compels the individual to examine his spirit.»

Criss Jami

«As a mother, you need to remember that a loving and compassionate God is one hundred percent aware of your child’s situation.»

Elizabeth George

«A torn jacket is soon mended, but hard words bruise the heart of a child.»

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

«The time for a person to instantly interact with his own soul, inspect his own mind and introspect with his own heart to identify his true quality of life is when too many people are too happy with him and he, too, is too much happy with them.»

Anuj Somany

«Time is the key to the heart of reality.»

Khalid Masood

«What makes an amazing artist? It's not his ability to impress but his skill in touching people's lives through his craft. When he does even a simple piece of work with not much adornment (fanciful words, colors) and it moves the hearts of his audience, it is considered to be a masterpiece! A true artist lets people enter a different kind of sanctuary out of the conventional. What makes his work standout is its uniqueness -if it has a HEART.»

Elizabeth E. Castillo

«He gave me the one thing he's never given to anyone before..»

Samantha Towle

«I’ll carry Carrie like my hands are as empty as my heart. I never hold my own love.»

Jarod Kintz

«My brain tells me it will be better to just let him go.»

Simone Elkeles

«And she would not hold back his limbs when his heart was gone to the woods, for it is ever the way of witches with any two things to care for the more mysterious of the two.»

Lord Dunsany

«Draw a circle, not a heart, around the one you love because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever.»

Danny Kaye

«Being angry at the mistakes made by the heart will only leave you bitter.»

Jamie Magee

«My first kiss I regret. My first date I regret. But I do not regret the choice to say I love you for the first time. Even though that was the melodramatic story. Even though that one ended badly. I don’t regret it.»

Stephen Lovegrove

«Every time I listen to this song, its like I regain my soul. its a hurtful joy far deep in my heart.»

Fort Free

«Soul, if you want to learn secrets,


«Kindness is the best key to open the locked door of every heart.»

Debasish Mridha

«To love is to accept a soul entirely, not wishing that the person was otherwise, nor hoping for change, nor clinging to some ideal past. To love is to cherish the individual standing before you presently―charms, quirks, and all. To love is to give someone a piece of your heart that you will never, ever reclaim.»

Richelle E. Goodrich

«When a person finds life hard, he needs motivation and inspiration; but if he finds life’s journey easy, then he needs meditation and introspection to know the true quality of his life.»

Anuj Somany

«Love is like a trapdoor for the heart

Jarod Kintz

«I hold the key to his heart right here." He lifted a briefcase from his side to show her. "All we have to do is wind it up again.»

Jennifer Melzer

«Never compel yourself to say words to which the heart yields no response.»

Fanny Fern

«With your, love touch someone's heart, feel their soul, enjoy their bliss, share your joy, and then become their friend.»

Debasish Mridha

«Heart lesson #3: post-heartbreak survival.»

Ibi Kaslik

«Breathe light into your body - breathe light into your Heart - Breathe light into your mind - Breathe and OPEN! Breathe and remember that you are all LIGHT - Infinite LIGHT -Blessed LIGHT- open your heart and SHINE ON!●•٠·˙»

Angie Karan Krezos

«In every human heart is a place where you put all your broken dreams. When something doesn't work out, no matter what it may be, you just have to give it up and stuff it in with your broken dreams. And make sure you keep the lid on tight.»

Sayo Masuda

«When once more alone, I reviewed the information I had got; looked into my heart, examined its thoughts and feelings, and endeavored to bring back with a strict hand such as had been straying through imagination's boundless and trackless waste, into the safe fold of common sense.»

Charlotte Brontë

«It says 'Bet you were expecting a heart, shaped like a compass...'" Jack paused and pulled the note off the bow tie. "...And then he drew a frowny face.»

Brodi Ashton

«116. "I have heard that on the day the world was born,»

Mir Sayyid Manjhan Shattari Rajgiri