«Ah, dream too bright to last!»

Edgar Allan Poe

«Never stop dreaming or reading.»

A.B. Shepherd

«No matter how miserable your life is, accept it with love, every thing will change.»

Debasish Mridha

«Anyone who never gave away a thing of love without expectation has never enjoyed pure joy of life.»

Debasish Mridha

«Be gentle, kind and loving to yourself.»

Debasish Mridha

«Before leaving the world, leave a profound positive mark of love upon the world.»

Debasish Mridha

«I’m grateful for being here, for being able to think, for being able to see, for being able to taste, for appreciating love – for knowing that it exists in a world so rife with vulgarity, with brutality and violence, and yet love exists. I’m grateful to know that it exists.»

Maya Angelou

«When you have a purpose of life it becomes the light to show you the path toward your destination.»

Debasish Mridha

«technology murdered childhood.»

Robert M. Drake

«To be a leader you have to jump into the ocean of uncertainty and lead the followers toward the known or unknown destination.»

Debasish Mridha

«A human being’s first responsibility is to love himself.»

Debasish Mridha

«Time spent worrying - about anything - provides no emotional or physical benefit to us; such things only weaken us for the fights we must endure in our lives.»

A.J. Darkholme

«But that's just it; I can either focus on what I have lost, or what I have gained, and I choose the latter.»

Angie Smith

«Be sure that your praise songs are numbered higher than your sorrowful dirges and your utmost hope, firmer than your woeful regrets. Be positive.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Hope is a flicker, a candle flame kept burning by the simple act of breathing.»

Joan Clark

«Dread was always with her, an alarm system in her head, alert»

G.G. Renee Hill

«Reality is, Hope and Despair lie in the same places.»

Richie Singh

«Love is the magic ink, which transform everyday life into a poetry.»

Debasish Mridha

«Hope has magic in it, it can create a door when there is none.»

Debasish Mridha

«The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.»

Barack Obama

«So much of how we think, feel, and live depends on our vision-what we choose to see in any given situation.»

Jocelyn Green

«Face me and learn that I’m not alone, attack and you’ll find that my Leader stands beside me. I will bleed and I may die, but this warrior will not be shaken!” -Regan»

Brittany L. Engels

«When God requires us to surrender one dream, it’s because He wants to hand us a bigger and better one.»

Mandy Hale

«If God meant for people to fly, He would have given them brains.»

Robert A. Heinlein

«Be loving, kind, and pure like a flower.»

Debasish Mridha

«A life without purpose is like journey without destination.»

Debasish Mridha

«Four Day’s Four Night’s»


«Like the kite that caught up to the sky,»

Kelli Russell Agodon

«Each life experience poses this question: how do you want to be changed because of me?»

Mollie Marti

«In joined hands there is still some token of hope, in the clinched fist none.»

Victor Hugo