«...that in this town prostitutes may give sewing lessons to ladies of the church, pirates my be consulted for their opinions on seaworth by shipbuilders, Christians and Jews may stroll together on a Sunday, and Indians my play dice games with leatherstockings, but let one silver piece fall in a crack between two members of the same profession and it's bloody war.»

Robert McCammon

«There is no new knowledge, it already exists in the universe.»

Stephen Richards

«I have an income nearly sufficient for my wants (no one's income is ever quite sufficient, you know).»

Anthony Hope

«Never reject an idea because you don't have the money, manpower, muscle, or months to achieve it!»

Syed Ather

«-Do you think it's dirty money?»

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

«Sometimes they would just pay me to stay home and not do anything else, which sounds fantastic but doesn't do much for your ego. Its probably a little like getting alimony-the money is nice but has a nasty aftertaste.»

Craig Ferguson

«We are not poor. We just don't have any money!»

Maria Augusta von Trapp

«Why then should money be blamed for all the dirt and crimes it causes? For is love less filthy - love which creates life?»

Émile Zola

«Exploitation to finance a beach house in Hawaii was one thing. Doing it to feed your kids was another.»

Khaled Hosseini

«I don't know why I wanted a girl,' he says, as if to himself. 'I mean, I wouldn't swap Louis, but when they said, 'It's a boy!', I thought: 'Oh, well.' Everyone else was incredibly pleased that it was a boy – grandparents are always very pleased when it's a boy for some reason. Another one's on the way, and I hope it's going to be a girl. After that, I'll stop. I think it can be a real mistake to sort of plug away for a particular sex … you end up having millions and they're all boys.»

Antonella Gambotto-Burke

«They throw rice at a new marriage, then give him beans in a divorcement.»

Anthony Liccione

«A bodyguard for a pretty socialite, I was moving up in the world. Like all idiots I naturally assumed she was pretty because she was rich. You can buy anything with money, even people, even... beauty.»

Bruce Crown

«I feel like a child who has found a wonderful trail in the woods. Countless others have gone before and blazed the trail, but to the child it's as new and fresh as if it had never been walked before. The child is invariably anxious for others to join in the great adventure. It's something that can only be understood by actual experience. Those who've begun the journey, and certainly those who've gone further than I, will readily understand what I am saying.»

Randy Alcorn

«This document outlines our plan to perpetrate insurance fraud, insider trading, and character assassination.»

Howard Tayler

«We do need a system, and we do need you and your 'Bertos, and sometimes we need Sam to just come along and kick some ass. - Quinn»

Michael Grant

«Because of the power that we have given money: The government would rather have taxpayers who do not vote, than voters who do not pay tax.»

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

«I have an old hat which is not worth three francs, I have a coat which lacks buttons in front, my shirt is all ragged, my elbows are torn, my boots let in the water; for the last six weeks I have not thought about it, and I have not told you about it. You only see me at night, and you give me your love; if you were to see me in the daytime, you would give me a sou!»

Victor Hugo

«I willingly allow that money does not guarantee happiness; but it must also be allowed that it makes happiness a great deal easier to achieve.»

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

«Your dreams can earn you money and provision when you don’t only have fans, but customers.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«You may scoff and say I only make ten dollars an hour, but if at the end of an eight hour shift I made eighty dollars, and I only actually did ten minutes of real work in that eight-hour span of time, then I’d say I make 480 dollars an hour.»

Jarod Kintz

«Time is priceless, Cosmic Ordering is limitless.»

Stephen Richards

«Your lovin' gives me a thrill»

Berry Gordy

«Shine forth your light before all beings.»

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

«Success is subjective. Your dream bank balance could be someone else’s nightmare.»

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

«Where I had felt a victim, I had become a determiner by recognizing I had choices. When considering a purchase, I stopped saying, "I can't afford it," and started saying, "That's not where I want to spend that amount of money.»

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

«Its really hard to recall the day you became friends with special people.»

Michael Bassey Johnson

«If you can't quite make it as a high flier then join a trampoline club.»

Stephen Richards

«It’s clearly a budget. It’s got lots of numbers in it.»

George W. Bush

«Before civilization, artists painted for the living. Today, most paint for a living.»

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

«If I found money, I’d turn it in—for the reward. Unless the reward money was less than the value of the money I found, and obviously it would be, in which case I’d keep the money.»

Jarod Kintz