«What else other than success can happen to anyone who refuses to stay down in the midst of any struggle, challenge or obstacle?»

Edmond Mbiaka,

«People with inferiority intentions do not go after their dreams not because they can't go; but because their passion is not strong enough to turn the wheels of success...and there they go, becoming losers, defeated by their obstacles!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«A godly woman is beyond average because she keeps her word. She honors her vows. She exhibits great faith. She overcomes great obstacles. And she affects her family, her community, even the world.»

Elizabeth George

«If man could write his own fate, he would have designed his journey to be without obstacles. Yet all obstacles come with valuable lessons designed just for you and only you. Suffering is imposed on us time and again so that one day we would become brave wise masters. That is, a strong being who is confidently aware of their intended direction in life, and fearlessly adding value to the world and their future.»

Suzy Kassem

«A good place can always be found in a place you think there is pain.»

Auliq Ice

«Every obstacle should be seen as a part of the process of gaining mental strength and wisdom for bigger and better things in life.»

Edmond Mbiaka

«Opportunities can become obstacles, same way obstacles can become opportunities; it all depends on how they are being interpreted by the mind of a person.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.»

Shannon L. Alder

«At Times I Am A Flower»


«In every dream you pursue, you attract its respective version of opposition. Going back will not solve any problem; Regrets will not change anything either; Feeling of Superiority over every obstacle should be your priority!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«The witch reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a light brown chamois bag about the size of a playing card. “»

Jana Oliver

«Most people who are global achievers were once victims of greater circumstances than yours, but they had one word to sum it up; "They never give up!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Life is going to beat you up, it wouldn't be fair if you didn't throw some punches back at it»

Bradley Bowman

«Don’t dim the light in you. Make your corner bright. Fight a good fight with all your might. Wake up and dare to win; never fear because of what others might say. You’ll overcome!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«If God closes a door AND a window, consider the fact that it might be time to build a whole new house.»

Mandy Hale

«How often do I stand in abject terror and raw trepidation before the impossible peaks that soar to impossible heights in front me, when God turns to me and calmly says “what mountains?»

Craig D. Lounsbrough

«SEX is designed for people who like overcoming obstacles.»

Philip Larkin

«This is going to hurt, but you will have to watch other couples be happier, richer and louder than you. Wait. No obstacle can withstand patience. Wait. You may not think so now, but there will come a time when you will be tempted to run away. Would that be right? Would that be fair? As every matriarch discovers, entire seasons will pass without reward. As your mate's peculiarities add up, what do you do? Wait!»

Michael Ben Zehabe

«More learning can occur when there are many obstacles then when thear are few or none. A life with difficult relationships, filled with obstacles and losses, presents the most opportunity for the soul's growth. You may have chosen the more difficult life so that you could accelerate your physical progress»

Brian L. Weiss

«The roadblocks to growth and joy come when we forget the bigness of God & instead make people bigger than He is.»

Mary E. DeMuth

«The strength of your obstacle determines the weight of your potentials. The greater your potentials, the heavier your dunamis power must be.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«The true test of a warrior is how your 'stance' holds up after any 'circumstance'. Meaning, even after the stormiest weather, a true warrior will still reflect the brilliant rays of the magnificent sun through both his or her eyes. You may get hit by sudden lightning or take severe beatings from the cruel wind, but you will always get back up and stand strong on your feet again, soak in the sunlight, and be prepared to get hit by even the most merciless hail - time and time again.»

Suzy Kassem

«To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.»

T.F. Hodge

«Doubts in your mind are a much greater roadblock to success than obstacles on the journey.»

Orrin Woodward

«I will not just love you till death.I will love you for eternity,this life and the next.»

Duha Zanjabil

«The only way to prevent your problem from jubilating over you is to confront them head to head with the singular hope that they will be defeated!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Learn and train yourself to take the hits in life. Obstacles, barriers and setbacks will come. What matters is how you tackle them, work your way around or find your way through them.»


«Refuse to become a victim of your circumstances and give a lift to your potentials each and every day against the wish of any obstacle you encounter!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«You owe it to yourself, to refuse to surrender to obstacles that are meant to stop you from reaching far in your endeavours. Be determined that you will never be a captive of your environment.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«As to the gods, I have no means of knowing either that they exist or do not exist. For many are the obstacles that impede knowledge, both the obscurity of the question and the shortness of human life.»

Diogenes Laërtius