«Mountains are Savage but what is the best part about them ? They bring people Closer ...»

Tanveer Mazhar

«Irony of "importance": Those who deserve, don't get it; Those who don't, get it in abundance by you.»

Shivam Singh

«Å½monės, kaip ir žolės, nėra nei naudingi, nei netinkami, tik kitokie. Mes žmones pažÄ¯stame arba jų nepažÄ¯stame.»

Albert Sánchez Piñol

«What a strange creature is a laughing fool,»

John Webster

«Who’s happy? Happy is just what people think they are when they can’t find anything to bitch about.»

Rasmenia Massoud

«Leaders inspire the people around them to become better.»

Jim George

«People who live in brick houses shouldn't throw wrecking balls»

Josh Stern

«Life changes, people come and go and seasons never last.»

Karen Kingsbury

«We usually expect too much from people. Often we judge them based on their actions even as we judge ourselves based on our intentions.»

Chris Hodges

«-Hát még a pusztán sincs egyenlőség?»

Mór Jókai

«Me and her, we’re both hiding who we really are. This is a common practice. It’s called dating.»

Jarod Kintz

«Books are only half our job ; the other half is human nature.»

Mary Virginia Provines

«At times, it almost felt like I was destined to take the trip, like all the people I met had somehow been waiting for me»

Nicholas Sparks

«Two people of similar nature can never get along, it takes two opposites to harmonize.»

Ram Mohan

«Serve one another with brotherly love.»

Lailah Gifty Akita

«Before I spoke with people, I did not think of all these things because there was no one to bother to think them for. Now things just come out of my mouth which are true.»

Bernard Pomerance

«You are a lamp to give light to people; you must mount the lamp stand and shine bright! Don't hide your gifts; expose and share them freely!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Not everyone will accept you, not everyone will listen to what you have to say & not everyone will care. Does that really matter? I think not. Others may have any opinion whatsoever, but that should not influence who you are or who you want to be.»

Emily Gabriela Vira

«All there is, is fragments, because a man, even the loneliest of the species, is divided among several persons, animals, worlds. To know a man more than slightly it would be necessary to gather him together from all those quarters, each last scrap of him, and this done after he is safely dead.»

Coleman Dowell

«The people that I liked and had not met went to the big cafes because they were lost in them and no one noticed them and they could be alone in them and be together.»

Ernest Hemingway

«Interesting" people were her favorite hobby. She collected them: the type who did gay things late at night and smoked cigarettes in mixed company, those would have most scandalized her own mother.»

Anna Godbersen

«These peoples are like sign boards on your path are only to show you direction but the decision is only yours. So make use of correct direction, but you have to drive it alone.»

Navnath Godse

«People are forever finding something wrong with you.»

Brigitte Bardot

«People can change... no matter where they come from, no matter where they think they ought to go, people can make their own way.»

Rochelle Maya Callen

«People will know you for who you are, but will remember you for what you have done. True leaders make long lasting impacts!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«The weakest link in any chain of security is not the technology itself, but the person operating it; iron gates have no compassion to appeal to, nor fears to exploit, nor insecurities to use to one’s advantage. They are, however, operated by us – by beings of unlimited vulnerability and limited energy. Why waste time brute-forcing what can be easily circumvented by a clever façade and a crimson tongue?»

A.J. Darkholme


Jenny Holzer

«There are moments when a kind of clarity comes over you, and suddenly you can see through walls to another dimension that you'd forgotten or chosen to ignore in order to continue living with the various illusions that make life, particularily life with other people, possible.»

Nicole Krauss

«If you are sad don't try to influence an environment but if you are happy attempt everyone you can reach.»

Ben Bereng

«A sensible person is one who has a sensitive nature towards all living creatures and this is his or her best personality features towards the positive outlook in life»

Anuj Somany