«Interesting" people were her favorite hobby. She collected them: the type who did gay things late at night and smoked cigarettes in mixed company, those would have most scandalized her own mother.»

Anna Godbersen

«These peoples are like sign boards on your path are only to show you direction but the decision is only yours. So make use of correct direction, but you have to drive it alone.»

Navnath Godse

«People are forever finding something wrong with you.»

Brigitte Bardot

«People can change... no matter where they come from, no matter where they think they ought to go, people can make their own way.»

Rochelle Maya Callen

«People will know you for who you are, but will remember you for what you have done. True leaders make long lasting impacts!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«The weakest link in any chain of security is not the technology itself, but the person operating it; iron gates have no compassion to appeal to, nor fears to exploit, nor insecurities to use to one’s advantage. They are, however, operated by us – by beings of unlimited vulnerability and limited energy. Why waste time brute-forcing what can be easily circumvented by a clever façade and a crimson tongue?»

A.J. Darkholme


Jenny Holzer

«There are moments when a kind of clarity comes over you, and suddenly you can see through walls to another dimension that you'd forgotten or chosen to ignore in order to continue living with the various illusions that make life, particularily life with other people, possible.»

Nicole Krauss

«If you are sad don't try to influence an environment but if you are happy attempt everyone you can reach.»

Ben Bereng

«A sensible person is one who has a sensitive nature towards all living creatures and this is his or her best personality features towards the positive outlook in life»

Anuj Somany

«Those people, who hate you, envy your freedom.»

Santosh Kalwar

«I am not a finished poem, and I am not the song you’ve turned me into. I am a detached human being, making my way in a world that is constantly trying to push me aside, and you who send me letters and emails and beautiful gifts wouldn’t even recognise me if you saw me walking down the street where I live tomorrow»

Charlotte Eriksson

«Oh, he did his best to make their short lives miserable, because that was his job, but nothing he could think up was half as bad as the stuff they thought up themselves.»

Terry Pratchett

«Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. -Barbra Johnson»

Barbra Johnson

«Every good marriage must be a friendship between two people who are willing to sacrifice for the other person.»

Jim George

«When I make love, I make a difference in at least one person’s life. (Limit one per purchase.)»

Jarod Kintz

«Can you ever really say you know anybody—your clone included? Still, if my clone’s birthday were coming up, I’d only shop Buy One Get One Free deals.»

Jarod Kintz

«I am afraid the greatest prison that people live in is the fear what other people think... Grow up & lose the fear.»

Ziad K. Abdelnour

«YOU DON’T KNOW IF YOUR IDEA IS ANY GOOD the moment it’s created. Neither does anyone else. The most you can hope for is a strong gut feeling that it is. And trusting your feelings is»

Hugh MacLeod

«In framing a government, which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty is this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.»

James Madison

«The August noon in us works to stave off the November chills. We survive by what little Fourth of July wits we’ve stashed away. But there are times when we’re all autumn people.»

Ray Bradbury

«A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both have the marks to show they have many stories to tell. They see many faces. They tear things down and make new again.»

Rasmenia Massoud

«Our lives can be compared to beautiful streams, which are destined to flow, grow in majesty to create wonderful features such as cascading waterfalls, and give nourishment and life to those in its path. The Hidden Path»

Inshan Meahjohn

«People who inspire such contradictory emotions must be worthwhile, I reasoned.»

Sara Sheridan

«You don’t expect the goat to hatch the hen’s eggs. People do what they know very well. Don’t expect someone who doesn’t know what you know to do it for you. Do it yourself.»

Israelmore Ayivor

«May we continue to encourage one another, so that we will increase in strength and in wisdom.»

Lailah Gifty Akita

«People change,' Sara said.»

Haruki Murakami

«Nowadays it's more beneficial to act like a mutt, than understand reality.»

Alexander Zalan

«People who think that they can fool others without getting fooled by others are the real fools.»

Anuj Somany

«People shouldn't have to earn kindness. They should have to earn cruelty.»

Maggie Stiefvater