«â€¦it seemed to Kirsch that the most reliable guide to the mental landscape of a patient was the patient himself. He was better placed to explain his behaviour and his experiences than anyone else. Yet wherever Kirsch went, the patient was the very last person anyone thought to consult. Because, of course, the patient was insane.»

Philip Sington

«They safely cured the world of sadness, wiser the Pfizer for it?»

Brian Spellman

«Since when did psychiatry become one big, fat Myspace survey?»

Nenia Campbell

«You want to be happy? You want to be well? Then put your boots on.»

Norah Vincent

«Dissociation is characterized by a disruption of usually integrated functions of memory, consciousness, identity, or perception of the environment.»

American Psychiatric Association

«Happiness. We're tearing our hair out to try to find a definition of it, for heaven's sake. Is it joy? People will tell you that it isn't, that joy is a fleeting emotion, a moment of happiness, which is always welcome, mind you. And then what about pleasure, huh? Oh, yes, that's easy, everybody knows what that is, but there again it doesn't last. But is happiness not the sum total of lots of small joys and pleasures, huh?»

François Lelord

«Sanity is over-rated. It lacks color.»

Forrest Carr

«I decided early in graduate school that I needed to do something about my moods. It quickly came down to a choice between seeing a psychiatrist or buying a horse. Since almost everyone I knew was seeing a psychiatrist, and since I had an absolute belief that I should be able to handle my own problems, I naturally bought a horse.»

Kay Redfield Jamison

«Sometimes I get so sad that it jest sounds good.»

Abbi Glines

«In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable.»

Kevin Alan Lee

«Visions and voices and fear and despair cannot be captured by CT scan or measured in the amplitude of EKG waves. Try as we might, we simply cannot predict which of our patients will kill themselves, which will murder their children, and which will leave the hospital healed, never to return.»

Christine Montross

«Can you smell his sweat? That peculiar goatish odor is trans-3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid. Remember it, it's the smell of schizophrenia.»

Thomas Harris

«Sandra had studied psychiatry in order to understand the nature of despair, but all she had really learned was the pharmacology of it. The human mind was easier to medicate than to comprehend.»

Robert Charles Wilson

«What’s more insane? Hearing imaginary voices? Or not hearing the real ones?»

Forrest Carr

«I recently consulted to a therapist who felt he had accomplished something by getting his dissociative client to remain in her ANP throughout her sessions with him.»

Alison Miller

«Identity confusion is defined by the SCID-D as a subjective feeling of uncertainty, puzzlement, or conflict about one's own identity. Patients who report histories of childhood trauma characteristically describe themes of ongoing inner struggle regarding their identity; of inner battles for survival; or other images of anger, conflict, and violence. P13»

Marlene Steinberg

«Macbeth: How does your patient, doctor?»

William Shakespeare

«On Prozac, Sisyphus might well push the boulder back up the mountain with more enthusiasm and creativity. I do not want to deny the benefits of psychoactive medication. I just want to point out that Sisyphus is not a patient with a mental health problem. To see him as a patient with a mental health problem is to ignore certain larger aspects of his predicament connected to boulders, mountains, and eternity.»

Carl Elliott

«My sadness is beautiful. It infuses everything I do. It is at the core of my identity and always has been, just as happiness is in some people. I refuse to be told that it's a flaw. I will not mute it with medications for the sake of society. I will hold it close to me and celebrate it rightfully while the rest of the world fails to see it for what it is and it will be their loss.»

Ashly Lorenzana

«Wilhelm Reich identified "armor" as the sum total of typical character attitudes, which an individual develops as a blocking against his emotional excitations, resulting in rigidity of the body, lack of emotional contact, "deadness". Functionally identical to muscular armor (chronic muscular spasms)»

Wilhelm Reich

«Repression. Her therapist, Dr. Solomon, loved the word. He'd say it slowly, letting it roll off his tongue. Sometimes he'd add a chin stroke for good measure. He always looked pleased when he did this, like he'd discovered the Caramilk secret or something.»

Jo Ann Yhard

«If there is one central intellectual reality at the end of the twentieth century, it is that the biological approach to psychiatry--treating mental illness as a genetically influenced disorder of brain chemistry--has been a smashing success. Freud's ideas, which dominated the history of psychiatry for the past half century, are now vanishing like the last snows of winter.»

Edward Shorter

«Shall we go?' he murmured, perhaps regretting his decision to show me his army of plastic cartoon figurines.»

Jon Ronson

«The old joke is that psychiatrists are doctors who can't stand the sight of blood. Maybe they can't stand it, but if they work where I work, they damn well better get used to it.»

Mike Bartos


Warwick Middleton

«We don’t go in for that psychodynamic stuff around here. Those guys will talk you to death, clean out your bank account while they are doing it, and then invite you to come back and express your innermost feelings about being broke.»

Forrest Carr

«The irony of seeking a shrink: they are successful in shrinking your brain but unfortunately they also make your wallet shrink.»

Mico Monsalve

«Talking about one's feelings defeats the purpose of having those feelings. Once you try to put the human experience into words, it becomes little more than a spectator sport. Everything must have a cause, and a name. Every random thought must have a root in something else.»

Derek Landy

«When a love-relationship is at its height there is no room left for any interest in the environment; a pair of lovers are sufficient to themselves»

Sigmund Freud

«If the mind fits, shrink it.»

Brian Spellman