«Minds that have withered into psychosis are far more terrifying than any character of fiction.»

Christian Baloga

«Trust her; we girls are two sheets short of psycho when it comes to our special little time.»

Sandi Lynn

«You haven’t lived till you’ve played Scrabble in a psych ward.»

Artie Lange

«I know it's painful growing,»

Touaxia Vang

«You're all trying to figure out what went wrong inside my head. Fucking idiots. You'll never crack the code that's inside my head. You'll never get into my castle. You'll never even get past the gate.»

Brent Runyon

«Surely, she was too young to have so many ghosts.»

Cassandra Clare

«Do you know what Ed Gein said about women?"»

Bret Easton Ellis