«Life is something that no one can teach you,You have to learn it.»

Jerril Thomas Abraham

«A conexão entre o tempo, o inconsciente e o espirito lunar pertence, ainda mais profundamente do que tem sido demonstrado, a natureza essencial da consciência matriarcal. Somente através de uma compreensão adequada do caráter espiritual do arquétipo da lua podemos entender o significado da consciência matriarcal e do “espirito feminino“.»

Erich Neumann

«To be a prosperous pastor one needs: (1) a bible (2) a tailored suit; and (3) a few psychology books.»

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

«Geniuses never pay attention.»

Michael Crichton

«Now if you are told that some piece of information will come as a shock to you, the chances are that you will really feel shocked, even if the information itself isn't of the slightest importance.»

Walter R. Brooks

«There is a wager that we must all make; for the small stake of some rewarding mental training, we can attain lasting contentment and contribute to a positive outcome for our planet.»

Neil Hayes

«When those you love die, the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you’re going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you, and you make it true in your own life… it’s a positive way to keep their spirit alive in the world, by keeping it alive in yourself.»

Patrick Swayze

«young children, who for whatever reason are deprived of the continuous care and attention of a mother or a substitute-mother, are not only temporarily disturbed by such deprivation, but may in some cases suffer long-term effects which persist»

John Bowlby

«Pride is born as a mountaintop on a valley, but dies as an abyss in which it is too deep and too dark to see the better.»

Criss Jami

«Poor greedy one, wherever he runs»

Idries Shah

«It is necessary to make this point in answer to the `iatrogenic' theory that the unveiling of repressed memories in MPD sufferers, paranoids and schizophrenics can be created in analysis; a fabrication of the doctor—patient relationship. According to Dr Ross, this theory, a sort of psychiatric ping-pong 'has never been stated in print in a complete and clearly argued way'.»

Alice Jamieson

«Your life is a movie. You are the main character. You say your scripts and act to your lines. Of course you do your lines in each scene. There is a hidden camera and a director who you can ask for help anytime up above.»

Diana Rose Morcilla

«We are a society of notoriously unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive, dependent — people who are glad when we have killed the time we are trying so hard to save.»

Erich Fromm

«Oh, you know what bloggers are like, they write and write and write. I don't know why, because they're not being paid.»

Jon Ronson

«I understand the mechanism of my own thinking. I know precisely how I know, and my understanding is recursive. I understand the infinite regress of this self-knowing, not by proceeding step by step endlessly, but by apprehending the limit. The nature of recursive cognition is clear to me. A new meaning of the term "self-aware."»

Ted Chiang

«Respect your needs and limitations as you work through your grief and begin to heal»

American Pregnancy Association

«In general, people are not drawn to perfection in others. People are drawn to shared interests, shared problems, and an individual's life energy.»

Robert Glover

«Sometimes the words against a big selfish person have to be sharp, straight and blunt; it is very much like after the failure of all medications to cure a mental patient the only option left to revive him is to give him now a shock treatment through an electric current.»

Anuj Somany

«The ORDINARY RESPONSE TO ATROCITIES is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud: this is the meaning of the word unspeakable.»

Judith Lewis Herman

«The Sufi must be able to alternate his thought between the relative and the Absolute, the approximate and the Real.»

Idries Shah

«It is fear that makes you believe that you are living and that you will be dead.What we do not want is the fear to come to an end. That is why we have invented all these new minds, new sciences,new talks, therapies, choiceless awareness and various other gimmicks.»

U.G. Krishnamurti

«I am the daughter of a psychologist. I know that the thing ostensibly being studied is rarely the thing being studied. (We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, p. 99)»

Karen Joy Fowler

«But sometimes you simply can't make yourself feel like acting. And in those situations, motivational advice risks making things worse, by surreptitiously strengthening your belief that you need to feel motivated before you act. By encouraging an attachment to a particular emotional state, it actually inserts an additional hurdle between you and your goal. The subtext is that if you can't make yourself feel excited and pleased about getting down to work, then you can't get down to work.»

Oliver Burkeman

«These were not people you could disagree with. If you disagreed, you were wrong."»

Juliet Hopkins

«All we think about in the cycle of violence is men.»

Stefan Molyneux

«Self-talk reflects your innermost feelings.»

Asa Don Brown

«Psych ward clocks, depressed, nudge like anxious calendars.»

Brian Spellman

«A person is only as fair to oneself as the people often hanging around him or her, here and there, truly care towards ones who are not personally or professionally related to them anywhere.»

Anuj Somany

«Paradoxically .. the very feminist movement that gave women more options also helped create pressure on many of us to be strong, successful, and independent—the kind of women who would theoretically be immune to any form of abuse from men. As a result, women who are in gaslighting and other types of abusive relationships may feel doubly ashamed: first, for being in a bad relationship, and second, for not living up to their self-imposed standards of strength and independence.»

Robin Stern

«I think she must have lived where all the sad poets live, in that secret place where everything hurts all the time.»

Ross Thomas