«When I’d remember this night in weeks, months, or even years, it wouldn’t be the sex. Sex would fade and so would the need to be filled with him, but right now I felt him inscribe his soul around my chest, and the reminder would be there with every beat for as long as I lived.»

Rebecca Berto

«Give someone you wronged a chance to express their true feelings and learn about yourself and your shortcomings.»

Unarine Ramaru

«This love of which I speak is slow to lose patience - it looks for a way of being constructive.»

Elisabeth Elliot

«When you stop counting people, you start finding happiness rather than relations for namesake.»

Saurabh Gusain

«She cries,»

Tanzy Sayadi

«Startled, she said, “Oh, I thought you were somebody else.” “No,” I said, “I’m not somebody else—but my clone is.»

Jarod Kintz

«I did not want to set my world alight, to watch it burn because of the sister I had come to love too much.»

Sarah Swainson

«Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.»

Shannon L. Alder

«You can’t expect any woman to be a lady if you’re not being a gentleman, and vice versa.»

N.B. Roberts

«Dar ir dabar pasijuntu besvarstąs: o gal aÅ¡ jos nė nemylėjau? Gal mudu abu tik plykstelėjom kaip nuogi laidai, aklai susilietę tamsoje, sukibirkščiavom - ir viskas, vėl akla tamsa?.. Gal.»

Jurgis Kunčinas

«I never know what I’m going to want to curl up in bed with.” I shrug.»

Alexandra Potter

«The distance between you and me disappears with us.»

J.R. Rim

«The waves were choppy, like Chuck Norris' karate hands. The ocean would have been still, if I weren't making love in it.»

Jarod Kintz

«What difference would it make? First love, second love, tenth love…it’s still love. If there was an ounce of indifference in your heart during the relationship, then it really wasn’t love at all.»

Sara Furlong Burr

«You do not get what you wish for, unless it be known to the source of your desire.»

T.F. Hodge

«The most dangerous flower is one that grows on a grave. Everybody in its vicinity is dead. That’s why I hand-picked it for my mother-in-law.»

Jarod Kintz

«Annabeth realized that if six of them went on these two quests, it would leave Percy alone on the ship with Coach Hedge, which was maybe not a situation a caring girlfriend should put him in. Nor was she eager to let Percy out of her sight again—not after they’d been apart for so many months.»

Rick Riordan

«He pulled my head back further, and I could hear his ragged breathing as his mouth came close to my ear, sounding so desperate for me.»

Fiona Thrust

«No man would ever want a girl who roams nude in a bar and drenches herself in bear on a slumber party.»

Farhan Shahjahan

«I went to visit my dad. He didn’t say a word to me. Or if he did, I couldn’t hear it through the grass, the dirt, and his coffin lid.»

Jarod Kintz

«First impressions are rarely worth preserving. Men typically fall short of our expectations.»

Renate Linnenkoper

«What the trees can do handsomely-greening and flowering, fading and then the falling of leaves-human beings cannot do with dignity, let alone without pain.»

Martha Gellhorn

«Karşınızdakine katlanabilmek için onunla ilgili bazı şeyleri görmezden gelerek yaşamaktan»

Mithat Terje

«Ne zaman kadın olduğunu sen bileceksin. O anı fark edeceksin. Ama bana sorarsan, kalbinin kırıldığı anlardan birinde oluyor bu. Daha önce varlığını bile bilmediğin yerinden kırılan kalbine, kırıktan giren ışık önce seni zehirleyecek, sonra felç edecek. Gözlerini kapatacaksın.»

Mithat Terje

«technology murdered childhood.»

Robert M. Drake

«She was the third beer. Not the first one, which the throat receives with almost tearful gratitude; nor the second, that confirms and extends the pleasure of the first. But the third, the one you drink because it's there, because it can't hurt, and because what difference does it make?»

Toni Morrison

«Compromising choices, preferences, and wants to be in a relationship are one thing, compromising who you are—the things ingrained in you, your beliefs, and your morals—are non-negotiable.»


«I love you madly, forever.»

Crystal Woods

«Me and her, we’re both hiding who we really are. This is a common practice. It’s called dating.»

Jarod Kintz

«Communication is like a pressure relief valve for your body. When a little pressure gets cooked up inside and needs to be released, you can gently turn the nozzle and release it slowly and gracefully until you feel better, by way of a productive conversation. But if you choose to ignore the warning signals and leave that pressure inside, it's going to grow and inevitably explode and make a mess, by way of an overreaction and possibly an argument.»

L.K. Elliott