«The sadness of the world has different ways of getting to people, but it seems to succeed almost every time.»

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

«I have emotions»

Richard Brautigan

«Death is the greatest goal of anyone. It is something no other living human can achieve»

Davis Carlson

«In this world there is no place for sadness. No place; not one.»

Banana Yoshimoto

«Always remember, child... that to think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral you down into ever increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. This is one onf the things that discipline - training - is about.»

James Clavell

«The sky cries for those filled with sadness»

Sonya Watson

«As a sea is full of drops of liquid, I was but one in the ocean of War»

Jade Kosche

«In my life, no three miles have been flat and no three days have had sun. I've been brave in the past, but now I'm beyond devastated. My grief is like dense clouds that cannot be dispersed. I can't think beyond the blackness of my clothes and heart.»

Lisa See

«We laugh, that we may not cry.»

Roger Ebert

«Pride is born as a mountaintop on a valley, but dies as an abyss in which it is too deep and too dark to see the better.»

Criss Jami

«The tragedy of this world is that no one is happy, whether stuck in a time of pain or of joy. The tragedy of this world is that everyone is alone. For a life in the past cannot be shared with the present. Each person who gets stuck in time gets stuck alone.»

Alan Lightman

«Thomas had never seen anything like her in his life, and he knew, with a beautiful sort of sadness, that he never would again.»

Chris Nicolaisen

«Where love is the light, love is the way. Happiness is there; sadness flies away.»

Debasish Mridha

«Everything seems different now. The room I am in looks no more familiar to me than it did this morning when I woke up and stumbled into it, trying to find the kitchen, desperate for a drink of water, desperate to piece together what happened last night. And yet it no longer seems shot through with pain, and sadness. It no longer seems emblematic of a life I cannot consider living. The ticking of the clock at my shoulder is no longer just marking time. It speaks to me.»

S.J. Watson

«Let it rain on some days,»

Sanhita Baruah

«The iron bolt which so mysteriously fastens the door of hope and holds our spirits in gloomy prison, needs a heavenly hand to push it back.»

Charles H. Spurgeon

«There is nothing so cleansing or reassuring as a vicarious sadness.»

David Rakoff

«That this girl would know exactly how to shatter me.»

Tahereh Mafi

«I laugh when i'm hurt.»

Damien Buerger

«I wanted to keep looking at her because I wanted to never take my eyes from her, but still I had to»

Erich Segal

«precious laughing time is wasted, because I have to put up with Satan's stupid minions who smile without attempting to anger somebody else - leave us alone already.»

A Gentlemen

«Outside it was dark, but not as dark as it was inside of me.»

Anna N.

«Sometimes, when we are sad, we have to do the opposite of sad. Sometimes we have to sing.»

Daisy Whitney

«It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value. Acquaintance with grief turns out to be one of the more unusual prerequisites of architectural appreciation. We might, quite aside from all other requirements, need to be a little sad before buildings can properly touch us.»

Alain de Botton

«Why’d you want to kill yourself? Didn’t you feel anything, or didn’t it hurt you?” Mandy questioned, looking puzzled.»

Rebecca McNutt

«Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.»

Kahlil Gibran

«Everyone was trying to forget something, but they could never seem to find the way to do it. All they ever seemed to do was make it worse. Such quiet madness, the masses led.»

Chris Galford

«It's OK not to be OK.»

Lindsey Kelk

«In the deepest darkness God tenderly grasps my hand and whispers that darkness is nothing more than a place that He is preparing for the arrival of light.»

Craig D. Lounsbrough

«The person you hurt the most in this world was the person that brought you into it.»

Vannary Rang