«There is no new knowledge, it already exists in the universe.»

Stephen Richards

«Secara normal, jika ingin memasak kita pergi ke dapur. Ketika ingin tidur ya beranjak ke kamar. Saat ingin buang hajat ya melangkah ke toilet. Apa jadinya jika kita tidur di toilet, buang hajat di dapur dan memasak di kamar? Itu bisa dilakukan, tapi pastilah tidak membuat nyaman, bahkan menjijikkan. Sama halnya dengan hati beserta kecamuk emosi yang dirasakannya. Ketika kita menempatkan dan mengekspresikan emosi dengan cara yang tepat, pastilah akan membuat kita nyaman dan bahagia»

Satria Nova

«A woman that is patient has the ability to endure provocation, pain, annoyance etc, with much calm and strength.»

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

«Sex Games: What Men Really Think About Sex Partners (Sexuality, Cheating»

Raphael Schwartz

«Imperfection is simply not a good enough excuse to have someone keep hurting you just because they feel like it.»

Pandora Poikilos

«Live with Fulfillment, Serve with Passion so in this Lifetime you will have the ablility to Die with NO Regrets.»

Randy Gonzales

«It is not giving up it is accepting. and the light will enter. Always does.»

Kamal Ravikant

«There are riches to be found simply by capturing the value released through others' disruptive breakthroughs.»

Jay Samit

«There are many stories and accounts about the winners of lotteries who»

Steve Chandler

«Self-identity is about content not the container that carry»

Ikechukwu Joseph

«LOOK at what is there first instead of what YOU want…»


«My Body Wants to Crave Healthy. I Just Need to Give it the Opportunity.»

Pooja Mottl

«Although others can devalue who we are and what we do it is entirely up to us, whether we accept or reject it. Whenever we disagree with the offered opinion we can thank for it and then move on. There is no need to prove at all that we have a different perception of ourselves from what we are being offered.»

Raphael Zernoff

«Disruptors don't have to discover something new; they just have to discover a practical use for new discoveries.»

Jay Samit

«Create your world with God's Word in your mouth just say it and it will be accomplished!»

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

«There is a difference between failing and failure. Failing is trying something that you learn doesn't work. Failure is throwing in the towel and giving up.»

Jay Samit

«Life sure gives us serious lessons, but I refuse to sit down and take notes. I can pretty well do that walking!»

Marie Abanga

«We don't need any self-help. We need our selves to stop helping those who don't let us be our true selves.»

Saurabh Sharma

«Knowledge is very vital in life`s transformation and transition»

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

«Time is priceless, Cosmic Ordering is limitless.»

Stephen Richards

«Shine forth your light before all beings.»

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

«Together we agree that there are few tableaus more pathetic than a woman poring over a plethora of self-help books, while in a small café across town her husband is sharing a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé and fettucini Alfredo with a beautiful woman, fondling her fishnet knee and making careful plans to escape his life.»

Suzanne Finnamore

«Those with calling also find wealth, so jump and start swimming towards your true self.»

Ryan Lilly

«Self-care is possessing enough self-awareness to invoke repeated patterns of being, that harmoniously correct the behaviors of over-functioning for others while under-functioning for yourself.»

LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier

«There need not be a purpose to a person's death, other than that they have lived the length of their days on this Earth and now begin the longer part of their existence.»

Brian M. Holmes

«If you can't quite make it as a high flier then join a trampoline club.»

Stephen Richards

«Many people listen, but never hear, some hear only what they want to hear. A few people but listen, because they want to hear, and then they understand, they needed to listen.»

Norbert Harms

«Understand that for better or worse, you create your own life.»

Stephen Richards

«The only person whom I can change and correct is myself»

V Partap Singh Salathia

«What made her most beautiful, was the way she quietly touched those around her unknowingly changing the lives of the many, she smiled at. She didn't want praise; approval or admiration, she just wanted all of whom she loved to be the most authentic side of themselves & openly living to the means of their hearts & truth.»

Nikki Rowe