«Life is something that no one can teach you,You have to learn it.»

Jerril Thomas Abraham

«Separating one's “self” physically from the world (as an unseen entity) alienates the human being from the facts of a sensual world and its realities. In order to have a self, you must provide a story for that self. Whether it is the tale of past pain or future fears the etheric self requires a story because it is hitchhiking on the natural.»

Christopher Loren

«The freshness of my eyes is given to me in prayer.»


«People’s love for us may change, depending on what we do or don’t do to please them. But God’s does not—it’s everlasting.»

Stormie Omartian

«I have noticed over the past three years that most African Christians depend on their pastor or preachers for directions in life than their lecturers, politicians and nurses. That tells why most people refuse certain medical priorities with regards to their pastor's messages. I think if every pastor should have entrepreneurial knowledge coupled with spiritual integrity, Africa will shake!»

Israelmore Ayivor

«Become the difference you want to make," and the heart of your mind will feel what the mind of your heart knows.»

Stan Ellis

«You need to experience fear in order to be capable of Universal love. If you can’t acknowledge fear, you can’t change it.»

Nynke Visser

«When angels speak of love they tell us it is only by loving that we enter an earthly paradise. They tell us paradise is our home and love our true destiny.»

Bell Hooks

«The Bible is not a tested hypothesis, it is not a theory but it is God's Breath.»

Moroaswi Tumiso Victor

«Focus on what you can do right now, not what you can't do right now»

Avis J. Williams

«It all begins with goodness in the heart.»

Bjorn Street

«Only God may be adored, because only God is unlimited goodness, truth, and beauty, and thus only God deserves unlimited love.»

Peter Kreeft

«Understand the nature and influence of repeating patterns, from childhood experiences or even from past lives. Wthout understanding, patterns tend to repeat, unnecessarily damaging the relationship.»

Brian L. Weiss

«Meditation is the way to be with ourselves and to learn to accept our own aloneness. In aloneness, I experiment with being consciously alone as a door to be egoless. In conscious aloneness, the ego can not function. In aloneness, you are not.»

Swami Dhyan Giten

«This life is like a roller-coaster; once you are strapped-in and the ride has started, you aren't getting off.»

Bryant McGill

«Now listen for your song. Everybody’s got a song. When I used to chase the Trane— John Coltrane that is— he used to tell me, ‘If I know a man’s sound, I know the man.’ Do you hear the melody playing in your mind? Does it move you, nudge you off your seat?»

David Mutti Clark

«Run and hide or rise and shine ...»

Stephen Richards

«Just like in the eye of the storm there is always comfort within the chaos. Becoming aware of this however, is your responsibility.»

Gary Hopkins

«Your life is a movie. You are the main character. You say your scripts and act to your lines. Of course you do your lines in each scene. There is a hidden camera and a director who you can ask for help anytime up above.»

Diana Rose Morcilla

«I don't really care if people forget me. My legacy wasn't about me. It was about everything I could do for another. When that sinks in...well you try a little harder. You dream a little broader. Your heart stretches a little farther and you find that you can't go back to the same place and make it fit. You become a person of ideas and seek out your own kind. And then it happens: One day you discover that staying the same is scary and changing has become your new home.»

Shannon L. Alder

«...Love Christ and put nothing before His Love. He is joy, He is life, He is light. Christ is Everything. He is the ultimate desire, He is everything. Everything beautiful is in Christ.»

Elder Porphyrios

«Mentally I can die, Emotionally I can cry, Physically I can sigh, Spirituality I can fly. If I just try.»

Stanley Victor Paskavich

«Through spiritual maturity you will see new ways to avoid unnecessary suffering; wiser ways to endure unavoidable hardships with grace, and opportunities to turn your pain into lessons of service and healing for others.»

Bryant McGill

«Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears.»

Rudolf Steiner

«. . . have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”»

Wanda Krause

«Anytime you use your God-given abilities to help others, you are fulfilling your purpose of life.»

Rick Warren

«The Illusion - The source of suffering can be linked back to a condition of the mind that creates the illusion of separation--the state in which we see ourselves as disconnected and separate from the world and our experiences.»


«[...] death follows us around for a reason. It's because death is our best adviser. There is nothing more powerful than a person who is prepared to live right now, in this instant, fully accepting that this may be their last moment on earth.»

A.C. Ping

«Defeat the warriors of patience and time with Cosmic Ordering.»

Stephen Richards

«History has been written, but it has not always been right or complete.»

Toi Thomas