«War is the most evil kind of human approach; unless it is for good cause.»

M.F. Moonzajer

«No, war will not be stopped. But it is a comfort, in the midst of a war, to read an antiwar book this good, and be reminded that just because something keeps happening, doesn't mean we get to stop regretting it. Massacres are bad, the death of innocents is bad, hate is bad, and there's something cleansing about hearing it said so purely.»

George Saunders

«Maybe the ultimate wound is the one that makes you miss the war you got it in.»

Sebastian Junger

«During an hour-long conversation mid-flight, he laid out his theory of the war. First, Jones said, the United States could not lose the war or be seen as losing the war.»

Bob Woodward

«Set your peace free»

Munia Khan

«Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries»

A.E. Housman

«No century has been more concerned than ours to do away with war: it has proved signally unsuccessful. All too little attention has been given to the phenomenon that internal politics have become increasingly more warlike.»

Bertrand De Jouvenel

«In a world turned upside-down, where everything was wrong, bizarre, you could at least look up at the sky and see normality. Stars that shone regardless of who won a civil war, or who should or should not be a president. Their light was billions of years old. They didn't have a care...»

Alex Scarrow

«If those who are sent to draw water begin by drinking themselves, the army is suffering from thirst. [One may know the condition of a whole army from the behavior of a single man.]»

Sun Tzu

«If my legs get blown off in war, I’d like to have them replaced with a coffee table. Half man/half furniture, I’ll be in the living room if you need me.

Jarod Kintz

«In a war between evils, only evil wins.»

Marty Rubin

«Compared to the unleashed forces of warfare and of faith, Mount Vesuvius was kinder to the legacy of antiquity.»

Stephen Greenblatt

«Another part or piece,' said Diabolus, 'of mine excellent armour, is a dumb and prayerless spirit, a spirit that scorns to cry for mercy, let the danger be ever so great; therefore be you, my Mansoul, sure that you make use of this.»

John Bunyan

«To fight against a war or, better yet, and entire "war machine," we had to become warriors ourselves. This is the cunning symmetry of war: Enemies tend to come to resemble one another. And this was perhaps especially so in a culture that appallingly - to us - applied the war meme to just about anything, as in the "War on Poverty.»

Barbara Ehrenreich

«When someone has been mean to you, why would you want to be good to them?' 'You wouldn't want to. That's what makes it hard. You do it anyway. Being good is hard. Much harder than being bad.»

Jeanne DuPrau

«War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.»

Sebastian Junger

«It comes down to this: we're pieces of equipment»

Rolando Hinojosa

«There is no glory in the sacrificing of oneself in the name of imperialism by order of elitist politicians. But this is what our young service members are led to believe.»

Aaron B. Powell

«Peace in patriarchy is war against women.»

Maria Mies

«If your enemy offers you two targets, strike at a third.»

Robert Jordan

«Trench dirt didn't always wash out, I am sure.»

Sebastian Barry

«As a sea is full of drops of liquid, I was but one in the ocean of War»

Jade Kosche

«If you haven't been in a war and are wondering how long it takes to get used to losing everything you think you need or love, I can tell you the answer is no time at all.»

Meg Rosoff

«This ploughman dead in battle slept out of doors»

Edward Thomas

«Inman's only thought looking on the enemy was, "Go home.»

Charles Frazier

«No era inquietud propiamente dicha, sino una extraña tristeza que tenía poco de humano, porque no comportaba ni valentía ni esperanza. Así es como los animales esperan la muerte. Así es como el pez atrapado en la red ve pasar una y otra vez la sombra del pescador.»

Irène Némirovsky

«Dalam dua ribu tahun terakhir sejak kelahiran agama-agama besar di Timur itu, Bung, dunia ini telah berperang tiga ribu kali atas nama agama dan tuhan.»

Anand Krishna

«The Battle of Normandy was won on the beaches of Dieppe»

Louis Mountbatten

«Wars come and go; politics endure.»

Jacqueline Carey

«This is a war," Lemas replied. "It's graphic and unpleasant because it's fought on a tiny scale, at close range; fought with a wastage of innocent life sometimes, I admit. But it's nothing, nothing at all besides other wars - the last or the next.»

John le Carré