«She consoled herself with the thought that the pictures were graphic enough to shake people up, stop them being complacent about what was happening, and if that meant the war would end sooner, those two deaths weren't in vain. As she hoped, with less and less confidence each day, that Michael's had not been in vain. Too much waste to bear.»

Tatjana Soli

«It is not what they built. It is what they knocked down.»

James Fenton

«In short, the war got off to a pretty good start, with the help of chaos.»

Gabriel Chevallier

«One man can not wage a war alone. Therefore if humanity stops agreeing to go to war; there will be only peace.»

Richard Kevin Hartley

«The traumatic stress field has adopted the term “Complex Trauma” to describe the experience of multiple and/or chronic and prolonged, developmentally adverse traumatic events, most often of an interpersonal nature (e.g., sexual or physical abuse, war, community violence) and early-life onset. These exposures often occur within the child’s caregiving system and include physical, emotional, and educational neglect and child maltreatment beginning in early childhood»

Bessel A. van der Kolk

«To Polyakov it was as though a fierce wind from downstream was sweeping up the Volga. Several times he was knocked off his feet; he fell to the ground no longer knowing what world he lived in, whether he was old or young, what was up and what was down. But Klimov dragged him along and finally they slid to the bottom of a huge crater. Here the darkness was threefold: the darkness of night, the darkness of dust and smoke, the darkness of a deep pit.»

Vasily Grossman

«Master of magic, god of war, Odin wanders alone.»

F.T. McKinstry

«A soldier wages war, and for what, minimum wage? I’d rather make love for free—or better still, get paid to have sex.»

Jarod Kintz

«In War: Resolution,»

Winston S. Churchill

«The only goal in life is to be happy, genuinely, intensely and consistently , regardless of what it looks like to others.»

Abhishek Shukla

«Peace shouldn't be an option, it must be the objective, peace shouldn't be a possibility, it must be the purpose.»

Amit Kalantri

«It was an earthquake, tearing at the sons of America, trying to swallow them up. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sons, that women had reared, had kissed and screamed at, and that fathers had stared intently in their cots, to see themselves in the wondrous mirrors of their babies.»

Sebastian Barry

«The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man.»

Huey P. Newton

«Life moved in circles. Such was the path. What came would come again, breath to breath, until each riddled out the truth within. War was a path to the next, as sure as any, but lies gained nothing.»

Chris Galford

«Great men are allowed to spill the blood of others.»

Naoyuki Ochiai

«... if one hasn't been through, as our people mercifully did not go through, the horrors of an occupation by a foreign power, you have no right to pronounce upon what a country does, which has been through all that.»

Anthony Eden

«Life is too short to be anything but happy. So kiss slowly. Love deeply. Forgive quickly. Take chances and never have regrets. Forget the past but remember what it taught you.»

Abhishek Shukla

«The pinnacle of human consciousness must be the rejection of unhealthy competition, war and violence.»

Bryant McGill

«Some only follow the holy man while others only follow the warlord. But the truth is, both sides are within all of us, and if people could only see that, they wouldn't have to wear masks, or pretend to be holy like a holy man, or pretend that nothing can hurt them like a warlord. They could just be themselves, unjudged.»

A.J. Darkholme

«War, my friends, is a thing of beauty.»

Mark Lawrence

«War is the most painful act of subjection to the laws of God that can be required of the human will.»

Leo Tolstoy

«If young people are our greatest asset in a war that must be won then we»

Oche Otorkpa

«We broke camp together and set off in our opposite directions: we of the XIIth and our allies marched east, towards the rising sun, combat and honour; the IVth went west, to the setting sun, to ignominy and a wealth of digging. We sang as we marched. They did not.»

M.C. Scott

«War is sweet to those who have not experienced it.»

Desiderius Erasmus

«Thanks,” Johann finally said. “It’s the irony of war. Those who want to live, die. Those who want to die, live on.»

Lee Strauss

«The Iraqi sun quickly heated the air to an unbearable one»

Thomas Ferreolus

«War is not violence and killing, pure and simple; war is controlled violence, for a purpose. The purpose of war is to support your government’s decisions by force. The purpose is never to kill the enemy just to be killing him . . . but to make him do what you want him to do. Not killing . . . but controlled and purposeful violence.»

Robert A. Heinlein

«All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.»

Sun Tzu

«I think, though, that another shame of war is that when it’s over, a soldier don’t get to leave it behind where he fought it. He’s gotta carry it right back home with him, in his head, and in his heart.»

Sandra Kring

«I think the only choice that will enable us to hold to our vision is one that abandons the concept of naming enemies and adopts a concept familiar to the nonviolent tradition: naming behavior that is oppressive»

Barbara Deming